Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fans of the Vagina Doctor hope to someday talk to an actual girl

Ever wonder what Paultards do when they're not being such Paultards? Have you ever wondered how their social skills of spamming and trolling might translate in the real world? Libby Copeland of the Washington Post attempts to investigate, in her shocking expose, "To Be Young And in Love With Ron Paul."

During spare moments, which are rare, the Paul boys watch guy movies such as "Transformers" and wish there were more girls around.

Oh well, says Adam Kirschner, 23, of Ozark Christian College, leaning against a wall in the campaign office. "We didn't come here for the chicks."

"Speak for yourself," says Eddie Siegel, 18.

You tell them, Eddie. Adam Kirschner may not be aware of this, but I've personally managed to pick up many a chicks in the bars simply by telling them to google Ron Paul. As soon as they hear about his plans to return the gold standard, they become putty in my arms.

We always wondered what the deal was with the backwards "love" in "revolution." My hunch is that it's a Paultard attempt at subliminal seduction. That's just creepy, guys. Really, really creepy.


FuckRonPaul said...

For a moment I felt pity for them - then I remembered all the batshit crazy bullshit they've clogged up the internet with.

I'm in favor of executing the retarded - so long as they support Ron Paul.

Hendrix08 said...

with clarity comes truth,and for paultards the only clarity for them is wearing a tinfoil hat to disect the truth. THE 911 TRUTH IS OUT THERE.