Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Paultards Don't Care About Black People

As we all know, the Paultards attempted to prove how anti-racist they are by changing the focus of Martin Luther King Day into a massive fundraising event for the man who voted against it. They were hoping to break brand new records in both cash and donors, and ended up failing miserably on both counts. The $1.85 million that Ron Paul raised for himself yesterday might sound impressive, but it was less than half of what they raised for Guy Fawkes Day, and a third of what they raised for blimp inauguration day. Apparently, the Paultards care more about a failed British terrorist who attempted to commit mass murder for the sake of issuing a Catholic Monarchy than they care about Martin Luther King. It isn't even close.

Is the Ron Paul voter base starting to dry out? Well, maybe not. It looks like David Duke, the Anti-Racist Grand Wizard, hosted his own money bomb yesterday. So perhaps Ron Paul's voter base is just strong as its ever been, but the people who would normally vote for Ron Paul would rather spend their money on Robert E. Lee?

Wonkette provided the above video of one of the Paultard MLK marches. Ron Paul supporters are to Martin Luther King Day what the Cadbury Bunny is to Jesus. The only minority I spotted during the rally up at the 1:00 mark. He's not holding any sign and keeps avoiding the camera, so he may simply be a bystander who was trying to catch a cab. At the 2:30 mark, you see a guy with a Guy Fawkes mask. Because, you know, Martin Luther King and Guy Fawkes are totally interchangeable.


Anonymous said...

Admittedly, Ron Paul supporters probably care about issues which are of concern to all of us -- the Iraq War, the monetary meltdown -- than specific issues of race.

walkndude said...

heh, i love ron (the queen) paul to.

look me up if you like.

i hang some on utube and myspace.


take care


Anonymous said...

The Moneybomb was asking for $10, unlike the last time it was $100. Seems like you spent a bit of time on this site, more than enough time on your hands to spread hate? If you think Ron Paul supporters are annoying now, it will continue long after the 08 election.

Ron Lawl said...

The MLK Money Bombed failed on both money raised AND total number of donors, so the $10 donation request makes it even worse. And the first commenter is idiot. How does monetary policy and the Iraq War fall into Guy Fawkes day? I wasn't aware of the fact that Guy Fawkes was an outspoken pacifist.

Anonymous said...

I suppose we could feign political correctness and that would make this idiot blogger think we 'cared' about black people?

Get a clue. The fact that you even WANT to single out black people means your a friggin racist.

And we're not.

Anonymous said...

OH I forgot....we don't care about space aliens either..

Wahhh boo hoo, go cry in your insignificant bloggers soup.

Ron Lawl said...

Ah, typical Paultard hypocrisy. You don't single out black people, unless it's a guy who supports Ron Paul, in which case you find it fit to alert the entire internet about it. Oh yeah, and apparently MLK is a space alien.

glen.h said...

Christ in a handcart! Every comment I hear from a Paultard makes them sound more and more like bitter losers!You guys make the worst advertisment for your leader...

jatcagirl said...

i can only speak for me, but i was worried about the stock market crash in europe and i'd lost almost 10% of what i'd invested in the market...as a hs teacher single income, i gave what i felt i could. maybe others were feeling the pinch too...

ilovetheconstitution said...

Your right, we don't care about race, we care about rights and freedoms for everyone, regardless of race. I see individual people, who all deserve the same rights, and you don't need special interest groups for that.

As for calling yesterdays efforts a failure, It wasn't the biggest effort of the campaign, but it was bigger than anything the other candidates can muster. And alot of new donors to. Alot of people like myself have been maxed out since before they even started the money bombs.

But whatever, this blog is stupid in general, nothing but pure hate and lies.

Ron Lawl said...

Yeah, we know. We're all individuals here, except for THE BLACKS. Hey, did you know that some of THE BLACKS support Ron Paul? Since some of THE BLACKS support Ron Paul, we can safely conclude that they all do. I'm sure that Ron Paul nicknames them all blackie. He has the photos to prove it, with him in THE BLACKS, to prove that he loves THE BLACKS, and sees them all as individuals and doesn't see them as THE BLACKS. The blackity black black blacks.

Carolyn said...

What a REAL Libertarian candidate had to say about MLK II Day. (From a campaign press release Jan 20)

Libertarian Presidential Candidate George Phillies on Martin Luther King's Legacy.

Speaking in Worcester, Massachusetts, Libertarian Presidential candidate George Phillies said for Martin Luther King day, "It was Martin Luther King's great triumph to fulfill the promise of the 14th Amendment. The end of the Civil War brought to Americans the promise 'No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States'. It took the Freedom Marches and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to make that promise real.

"The American Civil Rights Movement began over two hundred years, ago with many events in my home state of Massachusetts," Phillies continued, recalling his recent speech at the Fresno City College Presidential forum. "In 1775, the American Revolution began at Concord. In 1780, Massachusetts became the first state to abolish slavery. In a splendid piece of judicial activism, Chief Justice William Cushing interpreted our State Constitution's statement 'all men are born free and equal' to mean 'slavery is inconsistent with our...Constitution.'

Then, in 1861, the southern slaveholders rebelled," he continued. "Thousands of Massachusetts men -- and, as we now know, more than a few women -- flocked to the colors to defend our country. They waged the sacred crusade that ended the abomination of slavery.

"Americans can be proud of that achievement of our forefathers. Our forefathers quashed the rebellion of the slaveholders. Then, in 1868, the 13th Amendment washed away the blot of slavery. The 14th Amendment crushed the racist 'States Rights' doctrine that states have the power to take away a person's rights and liberties. But it was not until Martin Luther King's great crusade almost a full century later that this Constitutional promise became a reality.

"Sometimes I'm asked whether it is worthwhile to run as a third party candidate. I am immediately reminded of another third party. The anti-slavery Liberty Party of 170 years ago never elected a President. In the end, their abolitionist doctrines were gloriously triumphant. However, third parties do not always lose. After all, our two original major parties ... are as extinct as the wooly mammoth. They were replaced by 'third' parties who my Libertarian Party now aims to replace."

Katy said...

Yeah, the oppressed never need other people speaking on their behalf because they already have all of the rights they're fighting for. And the most effective way to gain rights in the legal sense that you already have naturally is to stand up to those in power as an individual, not as millions of people fighting against the forces of oppression together.
Don't you get it?

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the typical Ron Paul demographic, white male between 20-30.

Bellesouth said...

I love how Paultards will hide their support of a racist candidate behind their very limited view of the constitution.

There's a reason we have regulations - a minimum wage, affirmative action, public education. Because people are assholes who will take advantage of the poor as much as they can.

And they'll vote for Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

And the current system in place is not divisive? I think not. Labeling people (black, white, etc) is half the problem!! I think the question we should all be asking is how do we eliminate labels and give everyone a fair shake not becuase of the color of their skin?