Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alert the presses! Another black man supports Ron Paul!

It's pretty funny, and pretty sad. It seems that whenever we have evidence that Ron Paul is a racist, the best that the Paulbots can do is say, "Oh yeah? Well, what about these photos of Ron Paul hanging out with black people? And he's not lynching them or throwing things at their heads or nothing!" For instance, in light of the recent Kirchick scandal, the best that the camp could do was to distribute a photos from the 1960s of Ron Paul standing next to a black family. The Paulbots at the ronpaulwarroom acted as though this one photo completely disproved all accusations of racism, with comments like, "Nice research, M. York. Too bad the major media didn’t have time to check this story out before spreading it like so much manure on a garden."

There are even people in that thread who are trying to spin the story into saying that the woman in that photo was actually Rosa Parks. Because that's exactly how Rosa Parks looked in that era. Actually, that's exactly how all black people look, period. All black people look alike. One of them writes, "Stokely Carmichael, I believe is the gentleman on the left side of the photo. I don’t recognize the man to the right of Rosa but he looks familiar. I believe he worked with Martin Luther King too."

The problem with this type of rebuttal is that it is incredibly insulting. First off, it does nothing to refute the evidence. Second, you're assuming that because a few black people support Ron Paul, then they all must support Ron Paul. Remember, only 10% of black people vote republican, so how can the small group of Paul supporters speak for the entire race? Third, it shows that you have a fundamental misunderstanding on what racism actually is. Here's a hint: Just because you don't own slaves, that doesn't mean that you're not a racism.

But what's even funnier is how we always seem to see the exact same photos, and the exact same youtube videos, regardless of the board I happen to visit. It's almost comical, as though whenever a black republican uploads a photo of himself standing next to Ron Paul, the Ron Paul community goes bananas. "OMG, another black man supports Ron Paul! Quick, alert the presses! Alert your friends! Tell the world!!!" Again, it's pretty insulting. As those the entire minority population should flock like lemmings over a single Pied Piper.

The latest example comes from a black man named Nelson Linder, President of the Austin chapter of the NAACP. Alex Jones of Prison Planet reports that Linder doesn't think Ron Paul is a racist, and sure enough, the blogosphere is now on fire with their comments of "OMG, THE (Austin) NAACP President says that Ron Paul isn't a racist! Case closed! There is no further discussion!" I see these postings everywhere, from sheep looking to spread the word. Because is one black man supports Ron Paul, then they all should support Ron Paul. Otherwise, they've be acting as collectivists. Mind you, Linder doesn't actually address any of the evidence or the accusations directly. All that he says is that he doesn't believe that Ron Paul is a racist, and that Ron Paul was being quoted out of context. Great. And there are women out there who believe that Richard Ramirez is innocent, but that doesn't disprove the fact that Ramirez was a murderer and a rapist. "I believe" is not an argument.

Why is it that when a white supremacist supports Ron Paul, the Paulbots will dismiss it as irrelevant, but when a black person supports Ron Paul, OMG, it becomes the most relevant piece of evidence ever? Especially when Ron Paul is vastly more popular among the white supremacists? It's almost as though there's some sort of double standard. Remember, a white supremacist is defined by his personal ideology, so it's fair to assume that he supports Ron Paul for ideological reason. On the other hand, a black person has absolutely no control over being black. So their reasons for supporting Ron Paul could be completely unrelated.

For instance, Nelson Linder might support Ron Paul because he lives in Ron Paul's district and Ron Paul is good at bringing home earmarks, he might support Ron Paul because he's an active listener of Alex Jones and he believes that 9/11 was an inside job, or he might support Ron Paul because he's wealth and because he doesn't like to pay taxes. Who knows? For some reason, the Paulbots seem to believe that the race of a few supporters is a better indication of your ideology than the ideology of your supporters. Isn't that a bit racist in itself, by any standard?

Update: Ron Paul's website reads, "By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called 'diversity' actually perpetuate racism." Does that include the Austin Chapter of the NAACP?


Anonymous said...

The gentleman on the left in your photo is not Kwame Ture, whom you know as Stokely Carmichael.

I had the honor to work with Kwame from 1967 to 1998 in SNCC, the BPP and the A-APRP, and served as one of his political secretaries.

I had the privilege to help his family bury Kwame in 1998 in Guinea.

By the way, who is Ron Paul? I am sure that Kwame, and the overwhelming majority of African People have never heard of him.

Whoever he is, he should stop lying, especially when the truth can be so easily proven.

Stay Strong!
Bob Brown

Beth said...

Sorry, I guess I should have scrolled down to see this post before I left the comment in the post above. Jeeez.

FuckRonPaul said...

"All that he says is that he doesn't believe that Ron Paul is a racist, and that Ron Paul was being quoted out of context."

Isn't that what Ron Paul said in 1996?

This is fucking bullshit. Isn't there a single journalist in America who can just ask Ron Paul who the editor was?

Hendrix08 said...

//UPDATE: Nelson Linder contacted our office and wanted to stress the fact that he made his comments as a private citizen, not as president of the Austin NAACP. He said the libertarian platform deserves the same scrutiny as the Democratic and Republican parties receive in this nation. He went on to say that some on the web have construed that he is endorsing Ron Paul. And that is not the case. Mr. Linder went on to say that the interview was designed to discuss local issues concerning civil rights and civil liberties and his knowledge of the Libertarian party and Ron Paul. //

so nelson linder wasent even speaking on the behalf of the houston NAACP. furthermore paultards think that prison planet is the most awsome site ever and is so full of truth. this is important because now they cant claim msm conspiracy.