Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ron Paul Speaks at Bob Jones University

In anticipation of his upcoming MLK Day money bomb, Ron Paul has decided that the best way to prove that he isn't a racist is by appearing as a guest speaker at Bob Jones University. For those of you who aren't familiar with the controversy, Bob Jones University refused to admit black students until the 1970s, and only for the sake of maintaining their tax exempt status. The school is also infamous for their policy against interracial dating.

A few days ago, I went on a tangent about Ron Paul's refusal to award Rosa Parks a congressional medal, despite calling her one of her heroes. A lot of Paultards are even tasteless enough to cite his speech against her medal as evidence against being racist. So let's get this out in the open, once and for all:

  • Ron Paul claims that the bill is immoral because it uses tax-payer money. False. If Ron Paul had actually read the bill, which was only a few pages long, then he would known that the medal would have been funded through the sell of replicas.
  • Ron Paul claims that the medal would be unconstitutional. False. Congress has been giving out medals since 1776. Obviously, the founding fathers didn't mind.
  • Ron Paul claims that the medal wasn't in the spirit of Rosa Parks. False. Rosa Parks was still alive at the time. If she didn't approve of a medal, doesn't Ron Paul think that Parks would have said so? It's not like she's a stranger to standing up for herself. What gives Ron Paul the authority to speak on her behalf?
The Paultards would like to brag that Ron Paul thinks of Rosa Parks as his hero, and how he heroically volunteered to donate $100 for it if he could avoid charging the tax payers. But did he go through with it, by purchasing replica? Or did he make the promise, and then not go through with it? We don't know. But since Ron Paul continues to insist that he volunteered to pay $100, rather than simply saying that he purchased a regular to contribute to her fund, it seems unlikely.


ilovetheconstitution said...

umm, this country was even formed until 1787, how could people have been giving out medals back in 1776?

Oh yeah, thats right, you made it up hoping people would be too stupid to realize it.

Jim Bowery said...

Do you think its an appropriate role for the federal government to force a group of whites who want to live in proximity with other whites to accept onto their land people they choose not to live around?

Ron Lawl said...

Hey "ilovetheconstitution," it's too bad that you have no respect for history. The fact that they've given out medals since 1776 is historical record. The first recipient was George Washington. I provided a link. It's amazing how Paultards like yourself canbe so willfully ignorant when the facts are right in front of them.

Anonymous said...

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future_primitive said...

Hey there ilovetheconstitution, they can give out medals the same way they can start the US Marine Corps on 10 November 1775. Read that FIVE and not SIX. Fully 7 months before they declared independence in the first place. I swear if the Paultards were educated and intelligently engaged in the political process; instead of being trustafarian, dirt surfer, pothead, post modernist know-it-alls, we wouldn't be in this shape in the first place.

You come out late to the party, shake off your stupor of selfishness, and realize we got problems on the ground in America. And all you can come up with is some paleocon wingnut (whose ideas will cause you more damage than our current idiot in chief) to fix things. You are the reason my side has been losing and I hate you for it.

Get a library card, pick up a $3 latte, go back to the co-op and wait for the grownups to fix this. Oh, and take a shower and some golden seal, because if we let yet another republican in office, you'll have to get a real job (something strenuous and monotonous since both Ron Paul and the neocons hate unions) with a drug test and fend for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Nation under the constitution since 1787. America's been around since 1776. If they were here, the founding fathers would have given Parks a medal personally. Goddamn Paulmonkeys.

FuckRonPaul said...

He voted against awarding Rosa Parks a congressional medal?

That's Ron Paul - heroically defending white men from the tyranny of black women.

Anonymous said...

The full story is here (not just the half in the article)

Ron Lawl said...

Hey Anonymous, that article repeats the exact same talking points that were already disproven in this point (e.g., the claim that the medal was tax payer funded.). Great job!