Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BREAKING: Ron Paul's Klansman Kampaign Koordinator

Paul Henry of dailykos has the story:

As voters in Michigan go to the polls to vote in today's primary, volunteer coordinators for the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are working hard across the state. One of these is Randy Gray, a 29-year-old resident of Midland, Michigan whom the Ron Paul 2008 Michigan Campaign Web site lists as the Midland County coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign. Gray's campaign profile page, a cached version of which can be seen here, doesn't go into much detail; there's a picture of Gray with the candidate, along with Gray's statement that "I support Ron Paul because he is in the fight for freedom." The page contains no mention of one of Gray's other roles: organizer with the Knight's Party faction of the Ku Klux Klan.
This is almost poetic. First the Blacks, then the Whites, and now the Grays.

In other news: Happy Birthday, Dr. King. I hope you're looking forward to Ron Paul's upcoming fund raiser in your your name.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous and slanderous against Ron Paul. How can you slam a candidate for who his or her supporters are? I heard a child molester supports Hillary Clinton... does that mean she is in favor of molesting children? Grow up.

glen.h said...

Gee, a creepy fat guy.In the KKK. Who would of thought that.

Andrew Austin said...

Actually, if it's in print, it's libel, not slander. But it's neither if it's true, and this is true!

And this business about "if a child molester supports Clinton, does that make her a child molester...." No, of course not, but with Ron Paul, it isn't one non-racist issue that he happens to share with others (e.g. ppposition to taxes or opposition to the Iraq War). No, it's several issues of a racialist character: opposition to the Civil Rights Act (even arguing that white property owners have the "right" to discriminate against black people in employment and service), the Voting Rights Act, MLK holiday, a medal for Rosa Parks.... Couple these matters of record with the racist rants in Paul's newsletters, his acceptance of campaign donations from white supremacists, his white nativist rhetoric on immigration, his appearances at neo-confederate conferences, his slip about the "Jew World Order," and now his association in Michigan with a KKK organizer, and what you have is a body of policy and behavior that is not only supported by white nationalists but is white nationalist!

Anonymous said...

He received one $500 campaign donation from one acknowledged racist who MADE A PUBLIC STATEMENT for the record that he knows Ron Paul does not share his views. RP has received hundreds of thousands of individual donations from people whose views he has no idea about, and sure-to-sh*t some of them have to be unsavory.

This doesn't make him unique. I guarantee ALL the candidates have received campaign donations from avowed racists. Racists have different ideas about who to vote for, you know.

So let me get this straight: Let's say the KKK decides it's going to endorse a plan to build a park in the center of town. Do all the other townies now have to be AGAINST the plan to disassociate themselves from the KKK, so as not be considered racists?

Freedom is popular, and not just to the KKK. Freedom attracts all sorts, some of them icky. Believing the Constitution should carry the day does not make one a racist, however. Logic 101, folks.

Hillary Clinton gets huge donations from drug traffickers and Moonies, but no one says boo about it. Giuliani and McCain have been recorded ON CAMERA dribbling racist spew, and no one is making a big deal about it. I suppose saying awful things about Hispanics and Arabs is OK.

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
-Noam Chomsky

Ron Lawl said...

Yeah, it's a free country. Ron Paul is free to associate himself with the Nazis, and I'm free to call him on it and not vote for him.

It's amazing how libertarians are so quick to defend the rights of racists, and so quick to demean the rights of those who choose to openly criticize them.

You can claim that other known racists donate to other known candidates, but please find examples where another candidate refused to donate the money to charity when the story went public. You can claim that the KKK only loves Ron Paul because Ron Paul loves freedom, but it seems strange how Ron Paul has the support of a vast minority of the general population, and a vast majority of the white supremacists.

This can mean one of two things. 1) Ron Paul sells freedom, and the white supremacists are the only people willing to buy. 2) Ron Paul is selling something other than freedom that the white supremacists are willing to buy. Which is it?