Friday, January 4, 2008

The Internet is On Fire

After Ron Paul's unsurprising finish in Iowa, the Paultards began to break down. And after months of hearing about how he will finish in the top three I have to admit this was extremely satisfying. Here are some choice quotes from the official forums for you...

Good lord people! Get a grip! This is one state filled with jesus freaks terrified of evil terrrists. There's no way the voters of Iowa (did you see all those old people?!?!) represent voters across the country. Don't give up the ship over this one state. Its far from over.
I hope this is wrong. I'd be frick'n pissed. Did I send them too much money? Maybe it would be better spent on the blimp and what not.

My favorite quote of the night however comes the most popular Ron Paul group on Facebook, where one user posted a thread with the apt title, "Fuck Democracy."
Fuck this shit. I am so pissed right now. Why should the majority rule over good people like us, as the vast majority of people are worthless slobs who don't deserve the right to vote.

I'm so fucking... not mad, disgusted with humanity right now. Like, i want to fucking find wolf blitzer and choke him until he turns blue. WOLF BLITZER what the fuck kind of a name is that. Mainstream news is geared towards a 7th grade audience. jesus christ. The incompetence around us is just disgusting. From now on i'm a misanthrope. I'm going to spit on people as they walk by me just because they're fucking worthless

The discussion continues for a bit and then we get this gem.
A libertarian dictatorship wouldnt be too bad. It'd be better than a socialistic democracy. And why is it our duty to convince other people they're wrong, you know that Libertarian Quotes application? There's one in there from Ayn Rand that says something like, "i am only political so I do not have to be political". Pretty good sum of my feelings. There shouldn't even be a debate, humans should be free. Though there are grey areas, we should reserve politics for these and these alone. Leave the grey areas to the states, and allow freedom of movement, woot woot!


FuckRonPaul said...

A libertarian dictatorship? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms, like a reasonable Paultard?

And if they’re quoting Ayn Rand, you know that they’ve gone so far into cult country that most of them will not be coming back anytime soon.

As for the choking and spitting, I’m kind of hoping that the Paultards will eventually turn violent.

Come on Paultards - start a riot at the GOP and get it over with!

Anonymous said...

What's hilarious is paultards are claiming victory. Victory!? Over whom? Rudy? LOL. He didn't even campaign in Iowa.

Paultards should be prepared for another 4-5 in NH too, oh and FL, MI, NV, etc.