Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ninja vs. The Libertarian Party

From SomethingAwful. Some of the comments are priceless.

A lot of the Paultards keep running conspiracy theories about upcoming assassination attempts. I think that this is the scenario that they have in mind.


MrBold said...

Ron Paul fever is catching on in Florida. He's up to an astonishing 3%.

Live the dream Paulies, live the dream...

bobbyusbombs said...

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BobbyUSBombs, King of Ron Paul Truthers

Emmanuel Goldstein said...

These people are so messed up . I notice Rudy Giuliani's quote about Ron Paul winning all the debates ( a send up of the fanaticism of his followers and their behaviour ) is being totally misconstrued by some of this crowd who think they are superior and better informed . Take the farcical prison planet for example


...this even has a video embedded that undermines the claims . You have a look at the forums page there and the election thread under the general discussion section is entitled "Ron Paul 2008 Election - CFR v. Constitutional Sovereignty" ....guaranteed logic and fairness there then .

I also saw something that peaked my curiosity at the main Ron Paul forms site . There was a thread that was entitled "The Jewish Media Blackout Of Ron Paul's Campaign ". The thread had been moved however , at least that what it says in the" bad media" section and cannot be viewed . Is that moved as in deleted , or embarrassingly moved as in moved to the super secret squirrel truthers section? They are an odd bunch .