Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Internal Paultard Chaos Erupts Over Possible Astronaut Endorsement

The Paultards are continuing their tactic of reading endorsements into situations where no endorsement exists. From Wonkette:

In one of the better recent threads at Ron Paul Forums yesterday, someone floated the idea of courting Neil Armstrong’s support based on a blurb from the famous astronaut’s Wikipedia page: “The first man to walk on the Moon was also approached by political parties from both ends of the spectrum. Unlike former astronauts and United States Senators John Glenn and Harrison Schmitt, Armstrong has turned down all offers.” Later in the thread however, Armstrong’s ties with the CORPORATES are revealed — he’s a Freemason and a Skull & Bonesman, it seems, and therefore made up the moon landing!
And they wonder why people accuse them of being crazy.


FGFM said...

There is no evidence of Armstrong having attended Yale, so it would be a little tough for him to have been a Bonesman. As far as I can tell from what I've read, Armstrong is a very moderate Republican and it's doubtful that he would endorse anyone, let alone Dr. Paul. Not sure about any Freemasonry connection, but it doesn't seem like his cup of tea.

ucdgrad said...

"Armstrong’s ties with the CORPORATES are revealed — he’s a Freemason and a Skull & Bonesman..."

Uh, Paultards -- Armstrong DIDN'T attend Yale. You need to attend Yale to be in Skull & Bones, remember?

You guys really need to work on your researching skills.