Friday, January 25, 2008

Samuel L. Jackson: Ron Paul can kiss my black ass

Hilarious article that comes Samuel L. Jackson. No, it's not really him, but it is worth reading:

I went to a restaurant last night (secret place–I ain’t like those paparazzi pap-smears who make got-damn sure everyone in the world knows when they’re eating at a restaurant), and I had to take a shit. So I excused myself from the table, walked back to the men’s room, picked a stall, dropped my pants, and sat my black ass down on the cold motherfucking porcelain. Relaxed a bit, let it all fall out. Between the first and second shit-package, my ass made a sound not unlike “Ron Paul”. The next thing I knew, there were fifteen Ron Paul supporters outside the got-damn door, gyrating and blogging and commenting on how wonderful my Sam Jack shit was. Now, I know for fact that if I’d farted out a good “Mitt Romney,” wouldn’t nobody have done so much as a golf-clap.
They also have a fake blog for Ron Paul, but it's not as funny.