Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why Spambots Love Ron Paul

Mother Jones writes an interesting article on how the internet meme known as Ron Paul, by analyzing the mindset of the average Paultard, especially Paultards in the techie community.

Later McBride explained why he hadn't tried to talk further: He already knew what his hero would say on just about any topic. Libertarianism, he glowed, "is the only place where the answers to all questions have actually been resolved."
Bold words, Paultard. Yes, Ron Paul doesn't even accept the theory of evolution, but he single handedly has figured out and resolved the answers to all questions. It's like listening to a cultist talk about their cult leader. Hey Paultards, here's a tip: Talking about your candidate like he's completely all knowing and completely infallible does not make him look more attractive. It only makes you look more delusional.