Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Newsletters Emerge, Ron Paul Listed as Editor

How did we miss this one? The New Republic has gone up yet another notch, by providing yet another batch of Ron Paul's old newsletters. You can find them here. The most damning piece of information is that the fact that Ron Paul is listed as the editor and publisher. So Ron, if you weren't the editor and publisher, then who was? Was there a ghost editor that we should know about?

Newsletter Authorship

The masthead of March 1987 Ron Paul Investment Letter lists "the Hon. Ron Paul" as "Editor and Publisher" and "Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr." as one of several contributing editors.

An undated personal solicitation letter--signed by Paul--asking the recipient to subscribe to his newsletter in anticipation of (presumably) the 1988 Libertarian Party Presidential nominating convention.

The April 1988 Ron Paul Investment Letter lists Paul as Editor.

The May 1988 Ron Paul Investment Letter lists Lew Rockwell as Editor. It also advertises books by the far-right conspiracy theorist Gary Allen, who was a contributing editor to the Ron Paul Investment Letter.

How will the Paultards spin themselves out of this one? If Ron Paul can find the time to list himself as the editor during his 1988 presidential run, then how can he claim that he didn't have time to work on it when his presidential campaign was over? As always, our FAQ be updated momentarily.

Meanwhile, the Paultards on Digg have ran a successful keeping this story buried. Media blackout, anyone? It's funny, because when you search for "Kirchick" or "Angry White Man," you'll find plenty of articles attempting to refute the piece (usually with nothing more than personal attacks against the author), but no actual reference to the piece itself. Kirchick's story has been featured on the national news and even forced CNN to defend himself, but apparently it doesn't meet the high standard of Digg.


LP said...

Just a question -- if Ron Paul had nothing to do with the newsletters as he and his supporters now claim, shouldn't he sue for libel? I mean, it's under his name and something he doesn't believe that is damaging to his reputation (so he claims).

Yet he doesn't do anything of the sort.