Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ron Paul's Neo-Confederate Endrosement

If you check out Ron Paul's official campaign website, you'll notice that one of his endorsements comes from a man name Jacob Bogle. Who is Jacob Bogle?

Jacob Bogle is actually the Chairman of the Southern Party of Tennessee, the Tennessee Division Commander of the Southern Confederate Front, the former Vice Chairman of the Southern Independence Party of Tennessee and oh yes, the creator of the Jefferson Davis Fan Club. In other words he's a neo-confederate and he does not appear to be a working minister.

That sure provides a whole other context to those "once glorious days", as does this badly misspelled essay on The Law of Natural Segregation on his website or this charming little poem on his party's website
You can read more about Jacob on the campaign site.


glen.h said...

Well, the Confederates were a bunch of losers and Paultards are too,so it seems natural for them to group together,no?

MrBold said...

Yeah that Bogle guy took offense when Sultan Knish called him a neo Confederate.

He offered this rationale:
"The term "Neo-Confederate" means "new Confederate" I am not a "new" Confederate rather I support the historical cause that the South fought for from 1861-65 and I support the legal claims that the Southern States have for independence."

Bogle, being born well after the birth, rise and fall of the Confederacy is in every sense of the word a neo-confederate.

He's also a silly ignorant Paultard.