Monday, January 14, 2008

Followup on Jennifer Call

A few days ago, we did a story on how Paultards were harassing an election worker named Jennifer Call, over their recent bout with soreloseritis. Now, it looks like the Paultards have an official explanation for their behavior: It's a conspiracy!


Some reality's of life.

1. Yes.. SOME of our ... Supporters are nuts ..

2. Some of the people here are not supporters of Ron Paul but claim they are.

3. The possibility that the people who called/sent email's /etc to this woman threating her and calling her names. Are actually not Ron paul supporters but GOP or even Democrat's who are trying to soil Ron Paul's name is quite high.

4. The recount will be done.. UNTIL the recount is done and a investigation is done NO ONE knows exactly all the facts. So i Caution anyone from causing hysteria before there is some evidence to prove without a doubt that fraud took place.

5. Those people who did harass this poor woman do not support Ron Paul.. If they did they would never have done what they did.

6. Until Proof Beyond a shadow of a doubt is presented we can not rationaly form a INFORMED opinion about this issue.
Ah, the "libertarians are infallible and anything that says otherwise must therefore be wrong" fallacy. After all, Paultards would never amount to harassing people, right?

Edit: Reading through that thread, the most annoying thing about it are the Paultards who insist that "Saying that it was an honest mistake is not enough!", as though they've never made a mistake before in their entire lives. Honest mistakes happen. This was a mistake of minor consequence. The only thing you can do is correct your mistakes when they're pointed out to you, which she did. Which is a lot more than I can say for Ron Paul. What's done is done. What more do you want from her? At this point, the Paultards are just upset over their recent defeats, and they're just looking for someone to vent their frustrations on.


MrBold said...

Can you believe the unmitigated gall this Paulie starts out with in his/her response?

"Some reality's of life."

Oh goddy. I can wait. What is a reality of life?

"5. Those people who did harass this poor woman do not support Ron Paul.. If they did they would never have done what they did."

Are you serious?! This is their logic? I guess supporting Ron Paul means you can never be an asshole. What a wonderful power the divine Prophet Paul bestows upon his supporters.

And can you believe the unmitigated gall this Paulie star
Some reality's of life.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Rons Paul have finally adopted the ALF/ELF model. "We take responsibility, unless anything bad happened--then it wasn't us!"

Anonymous said...

I read through some more of that thread on their boards, and it's pretty frightening people are advocating harrassment and death threats directed at a woman for a simple human error.
The interesting thing is most of them are talking about it in the context of "Counting votes is a serious business! She should have been more careful! She deserved what she got! This is our democracy we're talking about!"
And yet Ron Paul can make a simple human error (yeah sure) of allowing decades worth of hate speech to go out in his name, but because he has CLEARLY taken "moral responsibility" for it, he's totally competent enough for the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Noticed some typos in the original. Sorry for the double post.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You guys have never heard of an Agent Provacateur? We hire them by the thousands.

This is not me being a "conspiracy theorist." It's a simple fact, and believe me I'm no basement dweller: I am in a position to know. Every country's intel apparatus does it, and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop them. I mean, I can't think of one, so if you have any ideas I, along with all the other honest government entities, are all ears.