Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ron Paul has over 100,000 "Endorsements," Paultards Continue to Ruin Digg

A Paultard by the name of hedonisticpleasureseeker recently posted to the comments thread, bragging about how Ron Paul recently recieved over 100,000 endorsements. And not just any old endorsements, either, but endorsements from "bigwigs in academia, business, science, finance, media, and economics, all of whom say RP is "dead on" in his assessments of the economy and the state of human and civil rights in the U.S." That's a pretty bold claim. The source? Well, apparently, it came from a from a Digg link to a forum posting:
The original thread was posted back in November, and the Digg submission was only posted two days ago. Yet the Digg submission has managed to receive one Digg for ever three page views (And keep in mind that most people will visit a thread more than one time, in order to check out new postings). Also keep in mind that the forum post in question doesn't include a convenient "Digg this" button on it. This is strong evidence of the fact that Paultards will Digg just about everything on Digg without actually bothering to read it first. It also suggests that although Paultards are relatively small in numbers, they benefit from the fact that a disproportionately large number of them are spammers and Diggbots. A forum post with only a few hundred views can magically achieve 70 Diggs, just by saying something favorable about Ron Paul.

BTW, what exactly is the methodology of the page? Well, it's not just flawed, it manages to completely live up to the title of "Paultard. Apparently some guy ran the phrase "endorses Ron Paul" through google, got 100,000 hits, and concluded that every hit represents an individual bigwig endorsement. By the same Paultard logic, we can safely conclude that Al Gore didn't just win the Nobel Peace Prize, but that he won it over 4,000 different times. Honestly, only a Paultard could find this type of argument convincing.

Oh yeah, and the original thread which claims that Keith Olbermann backs Ron Paul? Yeah, that's just as dishonest as anything else you can come to expect from the Paultards. It links to a youtube video where Keith Olbermann states that "The crowd at a Republican debate booed not Ron Paul, not Adolf Hitler, but John McCain," and interprets that as an endorsement for Ron Paul. By that same deluded Paultard logic, it would also be an endorsement for Adolph Hitler. I'm pretty sure that Keith Olbermann wasn't endorsing Adolph Hitler.


Bellesouth said...

Every time I read something here about another Paultard pulling another stupid statistic out of the bowels of the Intarwebz, I just want to claw my eyes out.

And yet I keep coming back here for more. Shit, this blog is like watching Jerry Springer.

Anonymous said...

Here's an endorsement of sorts that Paultards probably WON'T be bragging about any time too soon:

""Who is this Ron Paul? He sounds good."

This was asked to me yesterday by Abu Oudai, a senior northern West Bank commander of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, one of the most active Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Abu Oudai told me he watched a short feature on Al-Jazeera describing Paul as strongly anti-war and against the use of any military intervention in the Middle East. The Arabic cable network informed its audience – apparently including at least one West Bank terrorist – that Paul has described terrorism as a primary response to the U.S. meddling in the Middle East.


On WorldNetDaily if you want to read the rest. Funny thing is the average Paultard would probably decide it counts as yet another endorsement > Ron Paul Has 100,001 Endorsements!!! <

Anonymous said...

Ron Lawl, I'm pretty sure that I love you. My God do I hate internet people.

Anonymous said...

Ah paultards... people trying to elect a really smart, sane, responsible leader.

I wish i was on the side of the internettards who have no clue about how elections work or no opinion about politics other than what cnn tells them, sit on their ass in their parents basements bitching about digg, and have no real clue.

Plz, save our internets from the paultards so we can go back to be fat worthless losers who let our country go up in flames.

Ron Lawl said...