Friday, January 25, 2008

Links to other Anti-Paul Blogs

It's not easy trying to keep up with all of the silliness that surrounds Ron Paul, and usually I try to pace myself. But for the readers who would like to see more, here are some other blogs you can check out:

First off, there's the Ron Paul Tumblelog. This site focuses on brief, easy to digest snippets. The Ron Paul Tumblelog includes a few news items that I didn't report on this site, but which I probably should have. These include:

Next up, there's Revolusion 2008, by Sultan Knish. Sultan's claim to fame is his Pulitzer Prize winning reporting on DaronWestbrooke, poster child for the Ron Paulogist movement, and for his analysis ont he use of first person accounts in Ron Paul's newsletter. Sultan mainly focuses on finding amusing bits from Paultards for easy laughs.

Finally, there's Andrew Austin's blog, Freedom and Reason. Although it's not really a Paul specific blog, it does write a lot against him. Austin takes a much more academic approach, and was the one who located the microfilm proving that Ron Paul voted against MLK Day.


FGFM said...

Did Dr. Paul actually make a reference to the "Plunge Protection Team" in last night's debate?

Bellesouth said...

I love reading about Paultards! Thanks for sharing. I need to actually get a Google Alert on Paultards so I can keep up.

This morning I read this post by some woman who is pissed because Ron Paul was "censored" during the debate and because he only got six minutes and 32.5 seconds of airtime or some crap like that.

And this story is just crazy. Just feckin' crazy. Ron Paul won the debate as much as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

LP said...

Freedom and Reason may have just became my favorite blog. Great writing, great insight, great blog.

Quality I can only wish to once be close to.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, as I have become fed up with Paul's online hit squads.