Friday, January 25, 2008

Randy Gray Hits the Big Time

Hi, folks. Paul Henry here; you may be familiar with my Ron Paul diaries on Daily Kos, including the story I broke (picked up here) about Randy Gray, Ron Paul's official county coordinator for Midland County, Michigan, who also turns out to be an organizer with a faction of the Ku Klux Klan. Shortly after I began inquiring about the situation, all traces of Gray quietly disappeared from both the national and Michigan campaign Web sites, without any statement from the campaign on the matter... or so I thought. Last Sunday, Michigan field coordinator Leslie Roszman--to her credit--finally addressed the matter with a statement posted at

“It has come to my attention that one of our volunteers here in Michigan, Randy Gray, has affiliations with a racist and hateful organization. He was appointed to the volunteer position of county organizer for one of Michigan’s 83 counties. Randy Gray was not forthcoming about his background and he was in clear violation of the campaign’s code of conduct for volunteers. No one affiliated with racist organizations would ever knowingly be allowed to have any role with the campaign. Dr. Paul’s philosophy of freedom and individual liberty is the antithesis of racism.”
The Saginaw News subsequently ran a story on the matter, as did WNEM-TV, the CBS affiliate in Saginaw (if anyone has video of this story, I'd love to see it). Meanwhile, our old friends over at deal with this story the only way they know how: deny, deny, deny.
"I'm still trying to figure out why racists would be attracted to Ron Paul. He is for individual liberty and they are not. I think they are plants."

"farrakhan endorses 0bama whats the big deal?"

"Maybe we should be focusing on the actual candidate they support instead of their supporters. The more KKK supporters the better. Right now I am inviting all KKK to join Ron Paul. All this means is more support for Ron Paul."

"Exposed - now we finally got a fall guy for newsletter authorship."


FuckRonPaul said...

Ron Paul also has the endorsement of Neoconfederate Jacob Bogle:

Yet his endorsement remains on the campaign website:

I guess Ron Paul can't repudiate Neoconfederates, seeing as they make up so much of his base.