Friday, January 4, 2008

Join the Ron Paul Air Corps

Well, the Paultards may be licking their wounds from Iowa, but they're already working on their next offensive. Do you see that unintelligible speck in the photo to your right? Well, that photo is supposed to be the key to their upcoming victory. Yes folks, several weeks after the failed attempt at a Ron Paul Blimp, their new idea is to rent out a helicopter and to fly a Ron Paul Air Corps Banner.

Paultards still haven't learned their lesson, and continue to believe that the only reason that people won't for Ron Paul is because they haven't heard of him, and not because Ron Paul is just batshit crazy. As soon as people look up in the sky and see the photo for Blurry McBlurBlur, they'll instantly swoon over the thought of having someone new to vote for.

Hey Paultards, at some point, you need to stop focus on "making noise," and start focus on actual campaigning. Quality over quantity. Instead of spamming people, try talking to them. And more important, try listening. Hey, believe it or not, but some people might actually have a valid reason not to vote for Ron Paul, and acting like a complete asshole doesn't help your case. Instead of telling people about what they should be concerned about, how about you try asking them what they're concerned about? You might be surprised by the results.