Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paultards are whiny crybabies

See Paultard.

See Paultard cry.

Cry, Paultard, cry.

"Waaahhh!!! These elections are rigged! It's as if they were heavily biased in favor of the candidates who have actual support, or something! Why can't these debates be more like youtube, where a vocal minority can spam anyone we disagree with into oblivion? It's not fair, dammit!"

If Ron Paul can't even handle a simple debate, then how the fuck does he expect to run an entire country?


MrBold said...

Well you know the term "crybaby" kind of captures that child like understanding of politics the Paultards seem to have.

Bellesouth said...

I'll be so glad when the Paultard nightmare will be over in a few weeks.

Jarrod Henry said...

Why do you think that they talk about doing better at Caucuses, or invading /infiltrating other candidates delegates pool?

They are not intending to win this election straight up.

NotAChristTard said...

Emmanuel Goldstein...that you?

PZ Myers sends his love ya fucking christpsycho.

MrBold said...

Re bellesouth-

Really? You'll be glad?

I think a part of me will miss them actually. I'm going to miss the drama queen "Oh woe are we! It's all a conspiracy against us!" posts most of all.

FuckRonPaul said...

The Paultards will still be here in a few weeks.

Ron Paul will run as an independent and siphon off the Neoconfederates and militias, thus weakening the GOP base and ensuring a Democratic victory.

They're a gift to the Democrats - Obama should thank the Paultards in his inauguration.