Sunday, January 13, 2008

New FreeAtLast 2008 Video

The campaign at have released a new ad, which attempts to use footage and audio from MLK to imply that he would have endorsed Ron Paul's campaign:

This isn't the first time the right wing has pulled a stunt like this. In 1996, advocates for Proposition 209 used images of Martin Luther King in their advertisements, in order to imply that he would be against affirmative action, until the King family protested. Now, it looks like history may be repeating itself. And it's not a coincidence. During the video, the narrator makes the following statement:

"Please join us on January 21st, as we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, by acting together to support Dr. Ron Paul. A new hero who fights for the same American principles of liberty and justice for all."
The last sentence is seems out of place. Out of all the documents you had availabel to you, why quote the pledge of allegiance? This looks like it may be a reference to Ward Connerly, a republican/libertarian who was the main driving force behind proposition 209. With Liberty and Justice For All was the title of his 1996 essay, where he would once again falsely imply that Martin Luther King would have opposed against affirmative action. Ron Paul and his cronies are wrong when they say that they respect Martin Luther King, when what they actually seem to respect is the Ward Connerly reinvention of him. It isn't all that different from what they did to supply side Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Almighty Christ. Paulmonkeys are insane.