Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paultards wonder why women don't like them

From the ronpaulforums:

We are losing big time with all these women voting for Huck/Mccain/Romney. What the hell these women thinking? Look at all the CNN exit polls. Ron only gets few percent of the women votes!! This is outrageous! All people here mostly guys?! Are meetup group people mainly guys?! Our men have no girlfriends/spouse/mistress?? Start talking to girls! Make them fall in love in Ron Paul by telling them the message of liberty! If that does not work, make them fall in love with Ron by falling in love with you. There are millions of desperate housewives, young girls, hillary girls waiting to hear our message of liberty!
That's right, Paultards. How dare you hypothetically associate yourself with women folk who have support a different candidate. What's wrong with you? You need to be all, "Bitch! Where's my dinner? And then after you fix my dinner, I want you to vote for Ron Paul! Bitch!"
Ron Paul doesn't like to speak in emotions. The womens can't understand him.
And it's exactly that sort of attitude that makes their lack of success among women all the more baffling. I think I understand the sway of the Ron Paul meetup groups. It's probably the closest thing that any of their membership have gotten to human contact in their entire lives.


Conservative Belle said...

Did she say something about Klingons? Oh, she was talking about fleas clinging on. Honey, get some new shampoo.