Friday, January 4, 2008

Hotties 4 Ron Paul!

Introducing the latest effort to raise some publicity and cash for Ron Paul: The Hotties For Ron Paul Calendar. The Calendar is looking to pull together the best look Ron Paul supporters in the countries, which is what makes it sad. The group hopes to show off their patriotism by taking the American flag and using it as a bath towel.

This project was the brainchild of Juliet Annerino, who writes:

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you a new concept in the pin-up calendar, the "Hotties for Ron Paul" 2008 edition. Graced with beauty not just skin-deep, but down-to-every-chiseled-cheek-bone deep, in social awareness and political activism, each and every one of these women is a dynamic advocate of Peace and Freedom in their support for the only man running for the U.S. presidency who can bring this dream to reality. That man is Congressman, Ron Paul, and these ladies are the torch-bearers of his New American Revolution. Inside you'll find words of wisdom, not just from our young women, but from Dr. Paul, himself, as well as other great statesman, authors, and visionaries.
As of this posting, the calendar has raised a grand total of $51, from two contributors.


future_primitive said...

Featured hottie "Krista Alee DiPaola is a special education teacher from Detroit." Good luck keeping that job in the imaginary Ron Paul presidency, after he finishes gutting the federal education budget. What a dumbass. You'll be pole dancing in a year and I'll give you a tax free dollar.

I administer MySpaces for several bands and nightclubs. I have deleted all mutual friends from "Hotties For Ron Paul" and all other Ron Paul MySpaces, especially all the militia and fundy gun nut spaces.

Thankfully, if we turn our back on this it will go away. And thank providence for this blog. I read it all and got my first good night's sleep in 6 months.