Monday, January 14, 2008

Ron Paul gains support among the Blacks!

I think the above graphic speaks for itself.

In other news, people are still complaining, "But if Ron Paul wrote those newsletters, then why would he oppose the war on drugs?" So to settle this, here's his solicitation letter. Check out page one, second to the last paragraph.


Beth said...

Get ready for a new onslaught of fallacies from Paultards--supposedly Nelson Linder from the NAACP said he's not a racist. (Google link)
I can't even imagine what kind of stupidity it takes for someone from the NAACP to make a statement supporting RP in light of all the evidence. Mind-boggling.

Let's just say hypothetically that RP isn't a racist himself. Fine. So WHY THE HELL would he ever allow such things to be written--and not just once!--in his name? WHY would he associate with the kind of scum that would write such things? I find absolutely impossible to believe that Nelson Linder would allow the things from the newsletter to be written in HIS name.

Question for Paultards:
If Bush or Giuliani or Romney or Hillary or Edwards or whoever had a newsletter that was "ghostwritten" by racists, would you let THAT slide? Would you excuse it, and say they're in fact "anti-racist?" Would you blow it off, saying, "Oh, it's a ghostwriter, nevermind that."
(Bear in mind I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, assuming that you aren't racists yourselves. Suspension of disbelief.)

Bellesouth said...

Holy snot. I just read the letter. Has anyone checked this dude's basement?

Seriously. This dude is one defeat away from retreating to an underground bunker and living the rest of his life on HAM radio, Handi-Snacks and canned vienna sausages.