Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paultards still don't get it

Guys, the problem isn't the perception that your guy can't win, the problem is the perception that your guy is fucking crazy.


FGFM said...

Looks like Dr. Paul is losing ground in SC.

Paul, who had dominated among younger voters, lost ground in the 18-29 age group, going from 31% support to 23%. McCain jumped from 6% to 14% with younger voters, and Huckabee picked up four points to reach 32% support with that group. McCain continued to get most support from senior citizens and people aged 50 and over, though he lost a few points with those between 30 and 49. Huckabee’s support among those over 30 remained consistent.
Pollster John Zogby: “There was no discernible bump for Romney coming out of Michigan. We are also seeing that any pickup for Fred Thompson hurts Mike Huckabee in this race, which is as close as any we have seen. Sen. John McCain is in a good position to win, but he has to close the deal against a surging Romney.
“McCain is getting a good share of evangelicals and Thompson is doing very well among very conservative voters. Will Thompson help McCain win? Will Romney get his bounce from Michigan and help McCain go down to defeat? We are waiting to see.

EvilPoet said...

The ever-gullible and faithful followers
They are much like puppets on a string
Blind faith loses all the power of reason
And gains the ability to justify anything

LP said...

So is this the evolution of the thinking of the Paultards:

1) Tell them to Google Ron Paul; when they see the stances of Dr. Ron Paul, they will automatically think he is the best choice for the job.

Then that doesn't work, so on to attempt #2.

2) Tell them about Ron Paul's position on the gold standard and other hot button issues. Explain to undecideds and supporters of other candidates that Dr. Ron Paul is always right.

That fails. Onto #3:

3) Cherrypick Dr. Ron Paul's positions (on Iraq, on limiting government) depending on the person in front of you. Make sure at all costs the person doesn't learn any other facts about Dr. Ron Paul that would show the undecided voter in front of you would find out he's insane.

That fails. So now we're onto #4.

4) Say "we're winning" over and over, earplugs in to stop the truth from being told to you, poster of Dr. Ron Paul in front of you to keep you happy. Anyone who sees you will realize your passion and immediately convert to Dr. Ron Paul's style of libertarianism.

What's next when this fails?

Attempting to rig voting machines to make Paul win? Try to create their own island nation with Paul as their Supreme Leader?

Harry said...


I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they tried to actually tamper with the election to pull off an illegal win. We've already seen what kind of morals they have and the sort of deception they are willing to undertake to further their own dogmatic ends; it shouldn't be hard for them to go completely insane.

Bellesouth said...

It scares the bujeezus out of me that this man has lured the hearts of so many young folk.

It's life imitating Bob Roberts! I swear!