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More on Ron Paul and Martin Luther King

Was Ron Paul in favor of Martin Luther King Day?
If there's one thing that Paulbots love, it's spreading rumors to the point where they are accepted as irrefutable truth, even if there is no real evidence to support it. From Ameros to staff firings to to the idea that Ron Paul voted in favor of Martin Luther King Day. Unfortunately for them, they always seem to be short on actual evidence. Even more unfortunate, Andrew Austin, Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, has dug up at least one example to the contrary. The scan on the right comes from The Paris News (11/21/79).

Ron Paul and currently features several pieces of Anti-MLK propaganda and other criticisms. For instance, Michael Epstein's Myths of Martin Luther King accuses King of being a plagiarist, a communist, and an adulterer. Despite this, not only does Ron Paul freely choose to associate with Lew Rockwell and write regular columns for him, but Lew Rockwell boasts that his website has received Ron Paul's first Freedom Website Award. The Paultards will likely respond by talking about freedom of speech even if you disagree with the content, but that's irrelevant. I have the freedom of speech as well, but I don't that Ron Paul will award me with a Freedom Website Award anytime soon.

Does Ron Paul support Martin Luther King's actual policies?
The following excerpts were pulled from The Right Has a Dream by Paul Rockwell (No relation to Lew as far as I know) and Misreading the Dream by Tim Wise:

"Whenever this issue of compensatory or preferential treatment for the Negro is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree, but he should ask for nothing more. On the surface, this appears reasonable, but it is not realistic. For it is obvious that if a man enters the starting line of a race three hundred years after another man, the first would have to perform some incredible feat in order to catch up." -MLK, "Why We Can't Wait"

"...for two centuries the Negro was enslaved and robbed of any wages — potential accrued wealth which would have been the legacy of his descendants. All of America's wealth today could not adequately compensate its Negroes for his centuries of exploitation and humiliation." -MLK, 1965 interview
Wise also presents the following real life example of how republicans had come to distort Dr. King's message, until protested by the King family estate:
For example, during the ultimately successful campaign in California to eliminate racial "preferences," supporters of Proposition 209 conjured the image of King repeatedly and, until criticized by the King family, had been planning to air a TV spot showing the "content of their character" segment of King's "Dream" speech.
Ron Paul insists that he considers Martin Luther King to be a hero. Does that mean that he actually supports and respect Dr. King's real policies? Is Ron Paul even familiar with Martin Luther King's real policies? Ron Paul's FreeAtLast2008 campaign appears to be making the same mistake as the Prop 209 campaign, attempting to capitalize on Dr. King's image to promote a platform that he would have opposed.

FreeAtLast2008's Disclaimer
When FreeAtLast2008 first went public at, even some of their own supporters cried foul. One of them wrote the following:

On December 21st, 2007 cactus1010 says:

The website founder, Vijay Boyapati thinks that it's important to create a disclaimer disassociating the website from Ron Paul's campaign, but he doesn't think to provide the same courtesy and respect to the family of Doctor King Family Estate. This, despite the fact that all of the graphics and banners rely entirely on the use of Dr. King's image, rather than Ron Paul's. This, despite the fact that Ron Paul has publicly endorsed the campaign in the national media and referred to it as "our" campaign, where as the King Family has not.

Ron Paul to be honored as America’s Civil Rights leader?
It just keeps getting worse and worse. Apparently the Paultards are using this event, not just to absolve Ron Paul of racism, but to try to prop him up as the next great civil rights leader. Check out the article here, which writes that freeatlast2008 is "designed to honor both Dr. Paul and Dr. King as Civil Rights leaders," and will "generate a 10 million dollar plus cash infusion for Paul’s campaign along with nationwide marches to honor Dr. Paul and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

In other words, just like a dog can be programmed to associate the idea of a ringing bell with salivation, the Paultards are trying to program their followers to associate the idea of "Dr. Paul" to "Dr. King." When you think Ron Paul, think "Nobel Prize Winner." You may think you're donating to Ron Paul, but you're really donating to civil rights. You may think you see people marching for Dr. King, but they're really marching for Ron Paul. Success! I'm surprised I haven't seen any youtube videos of Paul morphing into King and vice verse, but maybe that's only because I haven't looked

Ron Paul and his "Language"
In yesterday's post, I mentioned the January 1991 edition of Paul's newsletter. Here's an excerpt:
The official line among some conservatives and libertarians is that the civil rights movement started out well, but went astray after King’s death. In fact, it was bad from the beginning, never seeking the mere removal of Jim Crow laws, which would have been legitimate, but forced integration and wealth redistribution.

In 1988 when I ran for president on the Libertarian Party ticket, I was berated for hours by LP members because I had refused to vote, while in Congress, for a Martin Luther King national holiday.
The Paultards will claim that this was a ghostwriter. If this was a ghostwriter, then why bring up Ron Paul's personal experience from the 1988 campaign for Libertarian Presidential candidate? Why would he refer to his past congressional votes? The Paultards will claim that this is not Ron Paul's language. Note Paul's criticism of the civil rights movement as "forced integration," a term her would use to justify his vote against the civil rights act in 2004. But is it really Ron Paul's language? Lots of people could use that phrase? Well, maybe. But I found something on google just now.
  • "forced integration" yields 26,600 results.
  • "forced integration" +"Ron Paul" yields 4,230 results.
  • "forced integration" -"Ron Paul" yields 22,100 results.
In other words, if you find a page with the phrase "forced integration" on it, then there's a 1 in 6 chance that the page will somehow be related to Ron Paul. And that's just a general use of the phrase -- rather than in the specific context of an opinion column protesting the civil rights act.

Similarly, when Wolf Blitzer ran the newsletter segment, the first quotation he provided was "Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks." Later, Ron Paul attempted to defended himself by claiming that he didn't "participate in that type of language," only to use that same phrase several more times during the interview.


FuckRonPaul said...

If you won't get the next Freedom Website Award from Ron Paul, then who will?



Anyways, if MLK's estate speaks out against this racismbomb, then this will be yet another memorable moment in Ron Paul's tremendously entertaining campaign.

Just think of what it's given us so far:

Liberty dollars, strippers, fascism carrying a cross, the blimp, hilariously shitty ads, World of Warcraft marches, chasing Hannity... what a campaign!

Oh, and that newsletter isn't going away.

Bellesouth said...

Nonsense. All nonsense.

Any claims on this web site can all be refuted by this e-mail I received from a Paultard yesterday:

I'd really like to address the issue in that
if not RON PAUL, who then will pledge to stick to the CONSTITUTION and keep his campaign promisses?

Charlie Manson 4 Prez ..... ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

and as we all know ..... 9/11 = Reichstag Fire

So are you saying you support Charles Manson? Is that what you're saying? (question mark exclamation point, repeat)

Dwayne Mayor said...

LOL! This stuff is superb.

TinFoilHat Man (Mega Man 9) said...

If a Ron Paul supporter thinks Ron Paul voted for MLK Day, they're quite out of touch. Creating MLK Day is outside the scope of the Constitution, is an illegitimate use of governmental power (if not a particularly egregious one), and for those reasons, Ron Paul voted against it, not because of any conspiracy theories based on his imagined racism.

Hendrix08 said...

//"forced integration"//

a more correct term would be vertical intergration.the civil right's and other pieces of legislation that have helped african american's dureing the civil rights era are perhaps the main reason why there exsits a black middle class today. Before this though the African American's lived together in close proxmity because of state policy's like slavery,jim crow laws and other forms of discrimatory practices. Thankfully though such peices of legislation like the civil rights act of 1964 created new opertunities that allowed african americans to participate in society. The civil rights act didnt just create oppertunity but it also surpressed racism and abolished the old form's of racism.Before i end this rant i would like to comment on how ron paul almost knows next to nothing when it comes to civil rights.

rudenski said...

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." - Mahatma Ghandi

Racist Libertarians: The New Brown Shirts
I am anti-war and a pacifist. I support Ron Paul when he speaks out against the war. I believe Ron Paul is right on that issue and that may be enough of a reason to support him over the likes of a McBu#h for the Republican Party but I am not going to close my ears, shut my eyes, and hold my tongue when I see Paul's supporters lining up to deport the millions of Mexicans in the United States. The concentration camps Paul supporter imagine are for themselves would..if the power were given to Paul supporters, be used as the :final solution" much like the death camps were for the undesirables in NAZI Germany.

For the haters who see my brown skinned mongrel children as their enemies, I say take me first. I will jump on your spear to give them one more day to play without your sideways and thinly veiled racism. Poke out my blue eyes first to slow you down so my brown eyed children can see another day. Oh, I know the world will love my blue eyed child. She was born with the same shade of skin as you, but I will not teach her your hate and call that freedom or liberty. She will not learn your Aryan mythology dressed up pretty in Libertarian jingoisms.

I would cut out my own English speaking tongue first so my children who speak two languages can speak with liberty. I may have blue eyes and I may look like you, but deep down in my genes, I am closer related to the Cherokee and Sioux. I may look like you...but I am not like you... I am an American... You may attempt to chase my brown skinned children back to Mexico where you think they belong... just as the Germans did with the Jews.. but I will not let you take them while I live... Grind me under your wheels of self righteousness and hate but my children and their children are just as American as you.

I will not fire a gun and I do not own one but I will break your racist Libertarian march on my children by clogging up the veins of your radiator as you drive over my body. You pray for the day you drive over my children or the day you can lock them up in camps but one by one...and two by two... with your children they will see my mongrel children as lovely and filled with joy and ignore you and your false brand of White only liberty...and three by four... five by six... and seven...they...all of my mongrel children with your children... our children's children will one day also throw themselves against your racist machine for their children.

One day soon... Martin Luther King's dream will come true... and your children will see your mechanizations of racism overheat from our bodies clogging your drive for racial purity in a nation built on racism and call you a fool. They will throw off the yoke of your low minded hatred for their children too.

My grandfather's mother died in child birth because the Whites would not treat her, an Indian, in the White hospital. She died for my mongrel ancestor. The Indian Shaman would not treat her either as her child was to be half White. My great grandmother was hated by two races. Soon after, heart broken, my grandfather's father died and left my grandfather an orphan. I was brought up an orphan as well...adopted into a strange world where White men ruled in the shadows and enforced their will with a gun. I may even look like you racists holding the Constitution in my face while you say it gives you the right to drive my children into camps... but I read the same document as you and take from it the higher spirit and meaning of its words to include more than just you...the White men that look and worship just like you.

You want a White America again but it is too late my friend... You call anyone not like you Communists and Fascists but it is you who want your racially pure America and you just ignore what that means... Don't you? You do know what that means don't you? How will you exterminate us all? We are just as... no... We are more American than you.

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”
— GK Chesterton

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