Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alert the presses! A Mexican Staffer Supports Ron Paul!

As a followup to our earlier post, here's a new one by former Ron Paul staffer, Stewart Rhodes, who writes that I am a Mexican-American, I worked for Ron Paul in the 1990’s, and I Know that Ron Paul is No Racist! Here's the gist of it:

  • People wouldn't be digging so much dirt on Ron Paul unless he was innocent.
  • Stewart is a Mexican American, and Ron Paul never once spit on him.
  • Ron Paul is a libertarian, and libertarians are infallible. Ergo, Ron Paul is infallible.
  • How could Ron Paul possibly be a racist, when his own website denies it?
  • I failed high school history, and still don't know the difference between "socialist," "national socialist," and "not-libertarian."
  • Did you know that I'm not a Nazi? Therefore, Ron Paul can't be a racist.
  • Libertarianism and racism are antithetical. In fact, the only thing that we have in common with them is that we both want a lot more liberty.
  • Ron Paul is the champion of the constitution. He earned the title after a grudge match with Mr. T, who may or may not be black (Only collectivists see color).
  • It's absurd to say that the constitution was racist. In other news, slavery isn't racist.
  • Ron Paul denies the story on his website. I believe him. Why are we still discussing this?
  • Ron Paul does not interrogate all of his new hires on their view on race, and apparently not on whether or not they're qualified to write articles under Ron Paul's name in the first person detailing Ron Paul's personal experience before Ron Paul signs off on them.
  • I never heard a racist comment from any of the staff. The ghost writer was literally ghost like. As in, a dead person's intangible spirit. Remember the PBS children's show? Like that.
Completely lacking in this article: How the newsletter could be printed for decades without anyone on the staff even being aware of the contents. Yes, Stewart Rhodes claims that he never saw anything racist while working there. If he said otherwise, he would have to explain while he was still working for a blatant racist. Unfortunately, that still doesn't explain how so many articles could slip through without a single staffer being aware of them.


Anonymous said...

Condi would be WILDLY offended if asked about W's extensive professional and personal affiliation with relatively sophisticated, powerful and wealthy white supremacists.

The Paul "movement" is most cultlike at its interpersonal and charismatic level; and it's these people within the inner circle who are least capable of explicating this nutcase.