Thursday, February 7, 2008

Austin Chapter NAACP President Backs Away from Ron Paul

Remember a few weeks ago, when the Austin Chapter NAACP President Nelson Linder defended Ron Paul, and the Paultards ran away with it? The story quickly morphed into "The NAACP President endorses Ron Paul," and then into "The NAACP endorses Ron Paul," and finally into "All fleet footed Negroes love Ron Paul more than they love life itself. Which is amazing, because fleet footed Negroes usually hate white people, not that I'm saying that Ron Paul is white, because libertarians are incapable of racism because we don't see color."

For a while, you couldn't point out Ron Paul's history of racism without having a Paultard bring up Nelson Linder, followed by the sight of him stuffing his own head firmly between his ass cheeks in order to avoid any further argument. Unfortunately, it turns out that the story of Linder's "endorsement" may have been highly exaggerated, just like everything else from the Ron Paul campaign. Alex Jones has since been forced to order a retraction:

UPDATE: Nelson Linder contacted our office and wanted to stress the fact that he made his comments as a private citizen, not as president of the Austin NAACP. He said the libertarian platform deserves the same scrutiny as the Democratic and Republican parties receive in this nation. He went on to say that some on the web have construed that he is endorsing Ron Paul. And that is not the case. Mr. Linder went on to say that the interview was designed to discuss local issues concerning civil rights and civil liberties and his knowledge of the Libertarian party and Ron Paul.
Good job, Paultards. Good job. A black man gives you guys an inch, and you decide to exploit him for a mile. Perhaps if you didn't plaster every black man you saw as the poster child for your campaign, these types of incidents wouldn't happen?


FuckRonPaul said...

Paultards exaggerating the truth? No way!

But I find it extra funny that no less an authority than Alex Jones printed the retraction on his website. Does this mean that some Paultards will conclude that Alex Jones hates Ron Paul?

A conspiracy within a conspiracy! It's so crazy that some Paultards are bound to believe it.

Cattle Rustler said...

I knew the NAACP thing was bogus. Notice how not once was there any evidence beyond a youtube video to backup the endorsement? Did you ever see a press release or anything on the Austin NAACP website? I sure didn't...

All I can say is HAHA.

Anonymous said...

Surprised to see this today. It's actually a bit old. The Paultard-spammer I've been locking horns with on craigslist posted that Jones piece last month. He was REAL proud of it, waving it in everyone's face. But he over-reached, as they always do, claiming variously that 'the President of the NAACP' said it (trying to imply the National, not regional one) and then simply 'the NAACP' (trying to imply the WHOLE org!). I got suspicious that he hadn't included the URL, so I went on PrisonPlanet (yuck!). The update had been added by that time, so delicious humiliation was served up piping hot. It was pretty f'in sweet...

Agent Smith said...

I don't think Nelson Linder is fully aware of the darker side to Ron Paul,and i am curious to who Linder supports. After all nelson Linder has already stated he is not endorsing Ron Paul. I would also want to know what Nelson Linder thinks of affirmative action,the 1964 civil rights act,and various other programs that Ron Paul opposes.

I also think that it is important that we contact the Austin Chapter of the NAACP about the Nelson Linder issue. i think its unfair that the paultards are harming the reputation of Nelson Linder,The Austin NAACP,the NAACP in general,and African Americans

any clue of how to contact them?

i am sure if we send this artical to nelson linder:
then perhaps Linder may issue a stronger opinion. I am also sure if we show Nelson Linder what the effects of this bill would do to homosexuals,then i am pretty sure Linder would be convinced that Ron Paul is a bigot.