Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ron Paul Launches New Ad On Immigration

Some of you may remember Ron Paul's previous ads on immigration, bragging that he would end birthright citizenship and deny student visas to "terrorist nations." Those were a form of subtle racism. Recently, Ron Paul has decided to go a different route on the matter in order to win back his base: Blatant racism. The following comes courtesy of Wonkette:
Note the caption at the bottom, "Authorized and paid for by Ron Paul 2008 Prsidential Campaign Committee." For everyone insisting that Ron Paul can't be a racist because we would have seen evidence of it, I give you Exhibit A, and Ron Paul's attempt to turn the above photo into the public image for all immigrants in general. And seriously, "No social security for you?" You're going to invoke a Seinfeld character known as the Soup Nazi in order to justify your racism? Brilliant move.

In addition to playing on the fear of Ron Paul's Aryan supporters, the ad also misses the point. Right now, illegal immigrants are putting money into social security that they will never collect on. The end result is a net benefit for social security. And according to FactCheck.org, "But nobody's proposing paying benefits to illegals, not until and unless they become US citizens or are granted legal status."

Ron Paul is either being dishonest, or he's once again being incompetent. Which is it?


FuckRonPaul said...

My guess is he's being incompetent. Again.

What are the odds that Lew Rockwell is behind this shit as well, and Ron Paul, as usual, is just too weak to say no to him?

In any case, Paultards will spin themselves silly defending this as well.

michaelbuddy said...

So do you want to pay Social Security for illegal immigrants? Do you understand where the money comes from. Every rant you have you seem to not realize that every government action you pay for. Why do you want to pay for illegals? How is that racist? That photo is of an illegal. He's locked up at the border guard post. So that's racist? OK. Part of the problem with illegal immigration is that we haven't gotten rid of so many incentives for doing it. People call racism when it's ILLEGAL to sneak into the country, but don't feel comfortable calling a spade a spade. Jesus, grow up.

Ron Lawl said...

Hey moron, check the links. Illegal immigrants currently put money into SS that they never collect on because they know they won't get it and they don't want to risk deportation. The bill in question isn't about giving money to ILLEGAL immigrants, it's about giving LEGAL immigrants credit for the money that they ALREADY CONTRIBUTED while they were illegal. In other words, getting back their own hard earned money.

So yeah, Ron Paul is not only a racist, but he's a massively uninformed racist.