Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Post Tuesday Fallot

All I can say is, karma is a bitch. After watching the Paultards spend months and months ruining the internet and vandalizing our schools, they now get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. My one regret is that I didn't start this website sooner, but oh well. Next time a Ron Paul appears, the internet will be ready. I remember once reading about how before the iPod came out, everyone was speculating on what would be the "next walkman," and after the iPod came out, everyone speculated on the next "iPod killer." When Ron Paul began his candidacy, people started wondering if Ron Paul would be the next Ross Perot. But I think that Ron Paul has officially taken his place in loser dome. At least Ross Perot managed to get actual votes.

Ron Paul placed 4th place in nearly every state yesterday, averaging roughly 4-5% of the popular vote. In Alaska, he managed to place as high as 3rd place, with 17% of the vote. I guess that people who love the bridge to nowhere would also love Ron Paul. In California, Ron Paul managed to place 5th place, with 4% of the vote. Fifth place out of the four republicans still running.

The guy who runs the Ron Paul Tumblelog has been hunting around for the Paultard reaction. Here's what he found:


FuckRonPaul said...

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, here are some headlines from the Ron Paul Presidency:

My favorite line? "Citing market forces as "a more powerful deterrent than mutually assured destruction" President Dr. Paul announced a bold plan to sell off more than 600 Minuteman and Trident nuclear missiles on the open market."

Bellesouth said...

Heh, heh! Paultards.

Cattle Rustler said...

I predict Ron Paul supporters will haunt us even after somebody is elected president. These people are persistent.

Anonymous said...

Go check out (the home of paul bots) and find headlines with "Ron Paul". The Paul Bots are demanding an end to the popular vote and replacing it with a random selection of citizens. They are making every excuse in the world ignoring the obvious fact that people don't like his message.

Anonymous said...

wow, that 13 year old son sure has been brought up in a wacky way.