Monday, February 4, 2008

Add "Ron Paul Racing" to the list of Ron Paul Fail

Thanks to Wonkette for the find. From the same trolls who brought you the Ron Paul blimp, and who tried to make it so that uppity Negroes would be forever branded as a living billboard for Ron Paul, comes the latest batch of fail: Ron Paul Racism Racing. I love the idea that the Paultards have literally thousands of internet trolls at their disposal who pride themselves on being free market gurus and who can brainstorm ideas 24/7, and these are the types of things they come up with.

At some point, the Paultards need to just bite the bullet and accept the fact that maybe, just maybe, none of them know what the hell they're doing. Maybe the reason they can't prop their guy up as the next president isn't because of some elaborate conspiracy against them, or the fact that the rest of the population is completely sheep-like and uninformed. Maybe the real problem is just the fact that getting a guy elected to the presidency is a fucking hard thing to do, vastly more challenging than uploading a cell phone video to youtube, and Paultards simply don't have what it takes to pull it off.


glen.h said...

Thank God someone finally said it!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of nutless, jealous excuses for people on this site.

You are probably the type that puts kittens into bags and throws them in the river to watch them drown.

I think the race car is a great idea, and so was the blimp. At least the RP campaign had some excitement to it.

Where is YOUR candidate now?

This site is a useless waste of time. Get off welfare and go out and get a job you welfare pig!

Anonymous said...

The whole Ron Paul racing thing is a fraud. Someone over at Paul forums already pointed out that all the links to Wallace racing have no information on Paul (I guess they hope no one would actually follow the link, just read the post) and that the video isn't really Kenny Wallace. They've changed several times who the deal is with and have yet to have even a one inch sticker on a car. Like most of the 'REVOlution, it is just a bunch of scam artists looking to make a buck.