Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Case of Paultard Persecution

And in today's headlines:

OWATONNA, Minn. - An 18-year-old Republican's enthusiasm for presidential hopeful Ron Paul could cost him more than $550.

Cody Hauer has been cited four times in one week for displaying a 13-inch-by-40-inch "Ron Paul Revolution" decal in the rear window of his car. The problem is that such decals are illegal if they obstruct the driver's view.

"I support Ron Paul, the city police department doesn't," he said. "They gave me a DWR — driving while Republican."
See Paultards, this is why no one takes your cries of persecution and censorship very seriously. Because you're all a bunch of fucking idiots. Yeah, I'm sure that the current regulations against obstructing the driver's view were designed specifically to deter republicans. That's exactly what happened.

Oh, and another thing: If you really want to attract other people to your "revolution," maybe you should avoid using a campaign advertisement that actively puts their lives in danger. I think that John McCain learned that the hard way, when his 2000 campaign involved engraving "Vote John McCain" on bullet casings and firing them into random crowds. As a general rule, people usually don't respond well to threats of vehicular homicide. Don't ask me how I know this.


Bellesouth said...

Man - the conspiracy count keeps piling up!

I can only imagine the crackpot theories that would emerge if someone with a Ron Paul decal was suddenly found splattered over the interstate because he didn't see the Peterbilt while he was trying to merge.

MrBold said...

I got cut off by a d*ckhead driving a pick-up truck with a Ron Paul sticker at the top and center of his back window. This was in Missouri around Christmastime. It was on MLK Boulevard no less.

rficwizard said...

I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am a very strong supporter of Ron Paul, and I am as annoyed by some of the things you point out as you are. It is always good to get a clear picture of how others view a campaign. I am sure that the next chance that libertarians get at a presidential campaign, we will learn from some of the mistakes you have pointed out. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

What a great illustration of these amazing iodiotic Paultards.

I just came back from a short business trip. The cab driver was a Paultard, it was amusing to hear him tell me how he was sure McCain was ahead because of the military industrial complex.

MrBold said...

Oh look-RedState is raising cash for Ron Paul's primary challenger.

Predictably the Paultards at PoliPundit take great umbrage.

MrBold said...

Politico is saying that it's very likely Ron Paul will drop out.

He's getting worried about his primary challenge.

Rob said...

Having an obstruction in your rear window is perfectly legal if you have side view mirrors.

I don't care if Ron Paul supporters have pissed you off or cut you off. Personally I don't care if all of you traitors die in a ditch.

I'm going to help this kid get out of the ticket some idiotic cop gave him.

MrBold said...

Geez Rob, way not to read the article. It plainly states a decal obstructing a driver's view is illegal.

Go ahead and spend your [un]righteous Paultard rage on a cop who was doing his job. That's going to get the rest of us law abiding types on Ron Paul's side for sure.

Anonymous said...

Police are the tools of our broken society! DESTROY THE POLICE!

Anonymous said...

rob you are the stupidest motherfucker i have ever heard from. your sideview mirrors do NOT compensate for your rearview mirror - that's why they're SIDEVIEW mirrors. anyone who drives knows that much. but of course, you're probably fifteen and don't know how to drive yet so maybe when you grow up and your testicles descend, it'll hit you.

Nate said...

That's right. Forget the pessimism. Ron Paul has a secret weapon:

...that he's saving for the right opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly don't need a rear-view mirror everywhere. I've driven for decades without a rearview mirror - it gets in the way of my seeing out the front wiendshield. On my other car, I turn it upside down to get some more clear viewing room.

No problem with the police in CA ot TX or AR or TN or AZ or NM .