Monday, February 11, 2008

Ron Paul and the "Reo-Cons"

Editors Note: The following article comes from a site visitor named John, and not by the creator of this blog:

Gary North is a former congressional aid for Ron Paul, but North is also a major figure in Christian Reconstructionism. When most people think of right-wing Christianity they will often assume that the lunatics are Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. Which is correct, but one must not also forget the Reo-Cons like Gary North:

“when people curse their parents, it unquestionably is a capital crime”-Gary North

“The integrity of the family must be maintained by the threat of death”

“....And he the blasphemeth the name of the Lord,he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him” (source)
The above statements are pretty bad ass, and sounds like something Osama Bin Laden would advocate for. So then why would someone like Ron Paul have Gary North be a member of his staff? Maybe its because they both want to return to the gold standard,and return to a LewRockwellian sized government. I have pretty good hunch though Ron Paul is up to something else, and i think it rhymes with “newsletter”.

In Angry White Man, James Kirchick not only brings up the newsletter,but he also brings up Gary North,and Christian Reconstructionism. Kirchich also points out that Ron Paul and Gary North are pretty close. For example Ron Paul stated in a letter “Perhaps you already read in Gary North's Remnat Review about my exposes of government abuse.” Does Ron Paul read Christian Reconstructionism literature,and share similar views? Of course. Just look at Ron Paul's rants at In one The Moral Promise of Freedom, Ron Paul defends David Koresh, and refers to him as the “groups spiritual leader." Paul continues to defend Koresh's cult, and portrays them as peace loving hippies. Koresh was a child molester, and brainwashed those “handmaidens of the lord.” The fact that Ron Paul would defend Koresh is beyond me. Actually its not, and it just shows how Ron Paul thinks property rights should trump individual rights. So not only does Paul think Koresh is the man,but he also sounds just as nuts as Gary North.

If you still think Ron Paul is America's last hope, and are still feeding on his fear mongering Then you should probably start building your bomb shelter. If you need help with the construction of this, or are unsure of what to do I have a solution. Pick up the phone and contact Gary North. I am sure he still knows how to build the ultimate pillow fort, after all he did predict the end of the world to happen during Y2K. If you have ever talked to a Ron Paul supporter you to may realize they fear the end is near.

Gary North and Ron Paul arent the only one's who are caught in the web of Christian Reconstructionism. In fact they are perhaps the one's who are trying to do there best to create a Christian Republic. The Reo-Cons, and Ron Paul have a very similar agenda,and it is perhaps the most illogical one on capital hill. Property rights would re-place individual rights,and the state would have the right enforce sodomy laws. Reo-Cons would also treat women like second class citizens. This is no surprise since Ron Paul's book freedom under siege implies that women should cease with sexual harassment suits,and instead find another job.

Ron Paul can play senile about the newsletter,and fool a few paultards,but he isn't going to fool most when it comes to We The People Act. If this bill was actually passed then it would be pretty easy for states to enforce current sodomy laws. It would also make it impossible for the supreme court to rule such violations as unconstitutional. This comes as no surprise since Ron Paul has met with the National Reform Association,and is perhaps a strong believer in there libertarian policy's. As of yet I know they have only met once,and the fact there first trip to capital hill involved Ron Paul is a little suspicious. This meeting occurred on march first, and during the year 2001, one year after Y2K.

The Paultards can talk all they want about Ron Paul,or even tell me to Google him. They can talk about change,and even loose change. When it comes down to it though they will still have to dig through his records just like I have. Once the paultards actually dig through his record they may do one of two things. Paultards will either continue to defend him and David Koresh,or actually do some research. Its pretty simple to see now why an informed opinion would not rally behind Ron Paul.


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Using The Gary North Affiliation is a good counter for any Obama supporter dealing with paultards who are stuck on the Rev-Wright issue.


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This Piece in particular is mentioned on the no-libertarian fact.