Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FactCheck.org finally gets around to Ron Paul

After months of putting Ron Paul on the back burner, FactCheck.org finally treats him like they would any other candidate. From their article:

We've given his statements little attention until now. But here we look at some of his more outlandish claims:
  • Paul claims that a secret conspiracy composed of the Security and Prosperity Partnership and a cabal of foreign companies is behind plans to build a NAFTA Superhighway as the first step toward creating a North American Union. But the NAFTA Superhighway that Paul describes is a myth, and the groups supposedly behind the plans are neither secret nor nefarious.
  • Paul says that the U.S. spends $1 trillion per year to maintain a foreign empire and suggests that we could save that amount by cutting foreign spending. Paul gets that figure by including a lot of domestic programs that he isn't planning to cut, like the U.S. Border Patrol and interest payments on the debt.
  • Paul has run television ads touting an endorsement from Ronald Reagan, but he fails to mention that, in 1988, Paul wanted "to totally disassociate" himself from the Reagan administration.
    Have fun reading.


    Jarrod Henry said...

    Here's something interesting..

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    Apollo Gold Corp $1 to $1,000
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    Ron Paul's gold holdings.

    No wonder he's for a gold standard. If he gets it, he instantly becomes incredibly wealthy.

    MrBold said...

    Oh man that's great! What's your source?