Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ron Paul wasn't the first candidate with a blimp

This one was reported by the good people at Wonkette, who decided to run an investigation on presidential blimps throughout the 21st century:

Are the Paultards taking their cues from the ultimate Internetardation forebearers — the rabid supporters of Howard Dean? This link appears undeniable, at least regarding blimps. Maybe you all heard about this back in ‘03, ‘04 — I sure as hell didn’t, thank god — but Dean’s online supporters once tried to launch a blimp of their own, for all the same Paultarded reasons. Suddenly, the Internet is making a lot more sense.
This is satire, right? Please tell me that this is satire.


FuckRonPaul said...

Can't someone just shoot it down using a bazooka, which we have the Right to Bear according to the Second Amendment?