Monday, December 24, 2007

Ron Paul Flip Flops on Evolution

It turns out that despite being a medical doctor for the past forty years, Ron Paul does not accept the theory of evolution. Ron Paul made this revelation at a rally last November, which can now be found on youtube:

This is a drastic flip flop from last May, when all the republican candidates were asked for their views on the subject. Just so that there was no room for confusion, a blogger by the name of Ron Shank even wrote into the Ron Paul campaign, and received the following response:

Ron Paul did not raise his hand during that question, it was Tancredo, Huckabee & Brownback who raised their hands. Dr. Paul is physician and believes in evolution.
Apparently, we can't really trust Ron Paul on the subject of medical science, or frankly, any science at all. We can't trust Ron Paul to place empirical evidence and observation over basic ideology. We also can't trust Ron Paul to support the separation of church and state, and to keep his religion views out of science class. But apparently, we can't even trust Ron Paul to be honest about what Ron Paul actually believes, nor can we trust his campaign when asked point blank about it.

Which only begs the question. What can we trust Ron Paul on?