Saturday, December 22, 2007

AFL-CIO: Ron Paul Crosses Writers’ Picket Line

If there's one thing that Ron Paul Supporters enjoy, it's posting youtube interviews of their favorite guy. Even if it means that their favorite guy has to be a union scab. According Seth Michaels of the AFL-CIO, Ron Paul is the first (and, currently, the only) candidate to cross picket lines regarding the writers strike, by making an appearance on "The View." A show that several other candidates had been scheduled to appear on as well, but chose not to, out of respect for the writers.

Thanks, Ron. It's bad enough that you're a scab, but seeing your supporters spam the AFL-CIO webpage in response only rubs salt in the wound. Do they honestly think that that union activists will suddenly oppose unions just because a Ron Paul supporter told them to?

One thing that I find amusing about Ron Paul supporters is how quick they are to dismiss the idea of "the ends justify the means," except, of course, when they do it. Get them on a discussion about FEMA or Universal Healthcare or the Civil Rights Act, and you hear them rant about how absolute property rights trump everything, and we shouldn't violate that even if it leads to good ends. Get them on a discussion of Ron Paul being a union scab, and they'll sing a different tune about how Ron Paul needs the publicity, so it's okay.

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Hendrix08 said...

lets all thanks ron paul for mingleing in the affairs of organized labour. Dureing the 19th century the only thing stoping progress were the robber barons who made there workers live in filthy company towns.