Monday, December 24, 2007

Ron Paul Endorsed by Lifeguard, Wrestler, and Football Tackler

Has anyone had a chance to visit Ron Paul's list of endorsements? Pretty funny stuff. Basic rundown: "Academics & Education" composed almost entirely of people in the field of economics, most of whom seem to be members of the academically unsound Austrian School, none of them seem to have any notable awards or achievements listed next to their names.

The "Authors & Media" section is composed almost entirely of bloggers, and authors of obscure anti-government textbooks that no one in the mainstream cares about. Two highlights include Peter Allison, "homeschooling father of 7," and Karen Kay, "Historical Romance Author."

The "Celebrities & Entertainers" section features such astute minds as Donna D'Errico, "Actress," Glenn Jacobs, "World Wrestling Entertainment superstar," and Todd Wade, "Starting Tackle, Washington Redskins."

The entire purpose of an endorsement is to convince people that if such and such person supports a certain candidate, then you should support that candidate as well. Apparently, not only are these endorsements the best that Ron Paul could do, but they're also endorsements that Ron Paul is proud of, at least enough to put them on his website. Who wants to bet that the Ron Paul supporters will start crying media blackout over the fact that Todd Wade's endorsement somehow didn't make it to the front page?