Saturday, December 22, 2007

Introduction - The Ron Paul Infection

The 21st marked a new revival in the zombie genre. "Resident Evil," "Dawn of the Dead," "Shaun of the Dead," and "28 Days Later" all became instant hits. In these movies, you have perfectly normal people from all walks of life, dealing with an abnormal situation. The zombies are never very smart, and they're rarely very strong. But they are persistence. And what they lack in smarts, they more than make up for in their numbers.

I think that there's a good reason why we saw the resurgence in zombie movies. It was in anticipation of Ron Paul. Is anyone else tired of seeing them spam every product review and youtube video they can with endorsements of Ron Paul? Is anyone else tired of seeing them attempt to invalidate every online poll they can find? Is anyone else tired of hearing them brag about how much money they raised on a single day, or how they "won" some no-name straw poll that no one cares about? Is anyone else tired of hearing their conspiracy theories on the non-existent North American Union, or how there's a media conspiracy to keep the latest straw poll that no one cares about off the front page of the New York Times? Is anyone tired of seeing them vandalizing public and private property? Of course you are. Or you wouldn't be here.

This blog is for people who need a safe haven from the zombie hoard. This is a blog for people who need to see a little sanity and reason back in their lives. It's also a place where we can plan out our strategies on how to deal with the zombie menace. In nearly every zombie movie, there comes a point where the heroes realize that running and hiding is not enough. Eventually, they need to reclaim the world that was once taken away from them. And that's what we're going to do here.

To the Ron Paul Supporters of the internet: Send your thugs elsewhere. The entire reason we created this site was to get away from people like you. There is no magic youtube video that will win us over to your side. There is no magic conspiracy theory that will convert us to the church of Paul. Chances are that anything you have to say, we've already heard it. The more you attempt to annoy us, the more you prove our case.


FuckRonPaul said...

Thank you so much for starting this blog!

Ron Paul is an absolute crackpot.

I'm sick of the Ron Paul retards and their Gestapo tactics on the internet.

And it'll be hilarious to watch them twist themselves into pretzels to justify all the crazy shit he says in the coming weeks!