Monday, December 31, 2007

Aspies for Ron Paul

It appears that Ron Paul has become quite popular among people with Asperger syndrome. From their website:

A brief overview of Ron Paul's career:

• Ron Paul is a veteran WoW player, and became the first level-80 Druid in late 2005.

• Ron Paul supports the rights of middle-class, white Americans; he would eliminate government handouts, which would lower taxes and allow more of these individuals to purchase video games and computers.

• Ron Paul currently represents the 14th district in Texas (south of Houston) in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is well-known that Ron Paul counts the House's ceiling tiles on a daily basis. One afternoon Paul realized a tile was missing, calling it a "failure of our current unconstitutional government."

• He is serving his 10th term in Congress.

• He is an expert C programmer, and once quipped that all governments should be like C, because he admires its minimalism.

• He is known to regularly use the term "ad-homenim attack" on web forums.

• He consistently scores a perfect 100 on The New American magazine's "Conservative Index."

• He has received many awards and honors such as the National Taxpayers Union, Citizens Against Government Waste, Council for a Competitive Economy, and Young Americans for Freedom.