Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ron Paul supporters go from being shameless to shameful

For some reason, the Ron Paul Supporters just love to rig polls in their attempt to declare an early victory. It's pretty simple. The RPS enjoy polls that are easy to manipulate, like straw polls and online polls, and they resent polls that are hard to manipulate, scientific random sampling. Their attempts to dismiss more traditional polls are dubious at best. For instance, they'll often rationalize that modern phone polls don't account for cell phones (they do), that cell phone users represent a huge segment of the population (they don't), and that the political views of cell phone users are different enough to represent a sound victory for Ron Paul (they aren't).

Last October, the RPS cried media conspiracy when CNBC took down an online poll, insisting that CNBC was doing their best to silence the majority. In response, Allen Wastler, Managing Editor, explained that their webmasters aren't idiots, and that poll manipulation can be proven by examining the survey logs. Surprisingly, it turns out that the vast majority of people who participated in their polls were linked there directly via a Ron Paul spam site.

It appears that RPS are finally starting to cover their tracts. A blog post by LGF shows that the RPS are now replying on using broken links, which can't be traced. (I don't really enjoy link to LFG, but it appears that the Ron Paul Forums have since modified their initial post in response to being outted). In fact, the Ron Paul supporters have even created an official database of online polls, which now launders their links through "" To a website manager, that's roughly the equivalent of trying to conceal a package of Steve Martin's All-Natural Penis Cream by shipping it in a plain brown wrapper with the words "Not Penis Cream" stamped all over it in big red letters.

Guys, the problem people have is that you rig polls, and not that you get caught rigging polls. The solution here isn't to be more sneaky about it, the solution is that you stop doing it altogether.