Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Radical Truth About Ron Paul

The Ron Paul Internet Gestapo will boast about being more tech-savvy than the average troll, based on the constant supply of e-mail spam and youtube links. However, it seems that whatever they make up in volume, they more than lack for in skill. Below is a case example, titled "The Radical Truth About Ron Paul":

The video relies on the standard tools of the trade: Monotone narration, combined GIS. Ron Paul is a kindly old doctor who has raised over $18 million in private contributions from real people outside his campaign, as opposed to his opponents, who are competent dastardly enough to organize fund raising events on their own.

For those of you who don't feel like watching, here's the cliff notes version:

  1. Ron Paul: sometimes people give him money
  2. When asked simple questions, he replies with grandstanding rhetoric about the Constitution
  3. His opponents say he's radical because he has strange ideas and refuses to explain how they're supposed to work
  4. Ron Paul has a hot line to the Founding Fathers and they explain to him exactly what they meant
  5. Ron Paul doesn't want to destroy public education, he just wants to completely dismantle the existing system instead of fixing the broken parts
  6. Did I mention only Ron Paul understands the Constitution? (bad photoshop of Constitution on fire)
  7. Ron Paul is only out of the mainstream because a majority of Americans don't agree with his rigid originalist interpretation of the Constitution (photo of kitten playing in snow for some reason?)
  8. If you don't agree with Ron Paul, you are a slave to corporate interests
  9. Photo of snarling bear, same one Colbert always uses I think
  10. Contrary to available evidence, all government programs are failing
  11. If you don't vote for Ron Paul, you make Benjamin Franklin sad
  12. Ron Paul loves to vote 'no' because it makes him feel special
  13. Just in case I haven't mentioned it, only Ron Paul understands the Constitution
  14. Ron Paul disagrees with everyone because he can
  15. Other Congressmen are jerks
  16. Other candidates are corporate puppets
  17. Ron Paul is the entire Constitutional Convention, somehow
  18. Ron Paul really likes the Constitution
  19. Crappy echo effect on closing statements
Actual user comment from Konnin19: "If it wasn't for the fact that the Jews own CNN,just like over 90% of the media,they would put it on. I mean why wouldnt they?"

My final summary: this video is confusing, abrasive, and not particularly interesting. It's not gonna win anyone new over to the cause, but it pays nice lip service to existing Paulites who think they've got the inside track on an exciting new movement and has quite a few unintentional laughs.