Thursday, May 8, 2008

Welcome to Paulville!

If you're a reader of this site, then you probably know about Ron Paul. If if you already know about Ron Paul, then you've probably heard of Paulville, the latest adolescent fantasy from the Paultard community. The Paultards live a paradoxical exist, where they claim to uphold the values of freedom and liberty, but where they abhor the fact that people might use their freedom and liberty to do things and believe things that they personally disagree with. What's that? Someone is using their freedom to doubt intelligent design as valid science? How dare they!

Paulville's solution is to set up a gated community designed to keep out the undesirables, thanks in large part to the genetic discrimination policies that Ron Paul valiantly fought to protect. Right now, a lot of blogs are reporting on the story, so I decided to report from Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Exodus: The founding of a new (sovereign) nation!
Meanwhile, in another small part of Texas, embittered Paultards are building a gated compound- uh, I mean, a 'gated community' named (wait for it...!) PAULVILLE. Yeah, you read correctly. No doubt an homage to Smallville because Dr. Paul is like Superman to his followers. The website says "The goal of it (sic) to establish gated communities containing 100% Ron Paul supporters and or people that live by the ideals of freedom and liberty", though they warn "These communities are not for the faint at heard (sic)". The whole affair appears to be organized along the lines of a co-op and is located somewhere near Waco. Given the general level of batshit-crazy that will consolidate there, this probably won't end well, will it?

"Pick a fucking side you fucks! You hate Dems and lefties but then you say that people living in Paulville are a joke... For choosing to uphold the constitution?? You are absolute morons if you believe for a second that the U.S. greenback is worth what wall street pretends it is and you knock the gold standard... Then you also CLAIM to dislike stupid government intervention, however, you mock those who creat (sic) a community to limit it??? ...Your site is one big sad fucking joke that gets all the facts but then fails to properly process the information. Please kill yourselves. You can blame your deaths on “the terrorists”. Assmunch!" -- a batshit-insane Paultard emails all the way from fucking Canada to BAAAW about a right-wing website making fun of "Paulville"
Please be careful about clicking those links if you don't already know what you're in for.


glen.h said...

He he. Just checked out Paulville. One user name is youpeoplearefuckingstupid! Don't think it is going too well,eh?

Jackye Chan said...

The Paulville community sounds a lot like homesteading in Alaska. I used to live in Alaska for 9 years, and I knew of some people, even an art teacher, who lived on homesteads.

But then a lot of people think Alaskans are crazy anyway. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

This site has become rather successful,and is now included in the non-libertarian FAQs. The FAQ is also including other Ron Paul material as well.