Thursday, May 1, 2008

From Online Polls to Straw Polls to

Recently, it came to my attention that Ron Paul was considering taking all the money that he didn't spend on his failed campaign run and putting it into a for-profit publishing company for libertarian propaganda. The Paultards, still in full Stockholm mode, are still defensive of the measure, saying that they support him because it will "spread the message." Question to Paultards: If people weren't buying the message when it was free, then why the hell would they pay good hard cash for it towards a for-profit company whom they are ideologically opposed to?

One example of this brilliant plan is Ron Paul's latest Manifesto, which is currently for sale on Not surprisingly, the Paultards have already taken to spamming the site, the same way they spam online polls and straw polls, under the misguided assumption that anyone else really gives a shit about these transparent acts of manipulation. Which of course comes from their assumption that everyone else is an unthinking sheep, and they should therefore react accordingly.

Wonkette has done the work of finding some of the more interesting book reviews highlights. Go check it out.


Anonymous said...

So what have you achieved with this posting? Another uniformed commentary from somebody who apparently would prefer a nanny-state over one where the people have the power again. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. Why not read the book before taggin your post with "paul-tard" or "stupid." Most of us who understand that we are in an unjust war and who prefer not to be taxed for programs we don't support think that Ron Paul has the right message. You are either for the war in Iraq, in that case, you have little knowledge of history, both international and US, and/or you like that 35% of your hard earned money goes to inflated government programs. Wish you luck, I can't relate to your thinking at all.

Bellesouth said...

What a bunch of 'tards.

I've also been hearing the Ron Paul folk on We The People Radio, which is the most retarded radio network ever. They're still convinced that 9/11 was an inside job.

Oh - and now the Paultards around my neck of the woods are running for local office because they want to change things from the ground up. Google your candidates, people! They may be Paultards in disguise!

Ron Lawl said...

Hey anonymous, just because I oppose the war doesn't mean I have to support Ron Paul. Sort of like how just because I think that kids get overdiagnosed for ADD doesn't mean that I have to support Tom Cruise.

RPT said...

I got a free copy of the book from a coworker who read it for the laughs. There are many, many laughs, but none that haven't been had before, considering that the entire book is just a rehash of old essays slapped together into a hardcover designed to milk money from the breathlessly gullible.

Here's a fun game to play while reading: look for buzz phrases which closely match passages from "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," especially around parts pushing the Gold Standard.

Oh, guess who was the sole vote against genetic discrimination today? He's not only a racist, but he hates the genetically inferior too.

Anonymous said...

its almost to the point of cult status and mass suicides.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron. I love this blog. I recently got banned at HuffPost while battling the Paultards (mostly by myself these days. lol.)


Anonymous said...

So, does Ron Paul know who wrote it?

stefan said...

A classic piece of "neojournalism": reporting over a book you have not even read. Quite pathetic and inept.
All you can do is to refer to all his supporters as Paultards and collectively assuming they are all exactly the same, think and react the same, while they are in actual fact the most diverse voter block.

You said you were against the war, were you also against the Patriot Act and military commissions act from the beginning?

Ron Lawl said...

Hey, Stefan, why do you hate the free market so much? Why should I be forced to buy a product from a man I disapprove of? That's anti-freedom. It's funny how Paultards foam at the mouth group up the 97% of the population who DOESN'T vote for Ron Paul, insisting that the hardcore Christian fundies who vote McCain and the hardcore hippie lefties who vote Obama are EXACTLY the same. But when you try to generalize the remaining 3% who support Ron Paul, they whine and cry foul about how you should be making a distinction between the anarchists and the minarchists and the objectivists or some other shit.

Instead of bragging about how diverse of an individual you are, how about actually demonstrating it, by introducing a semi-original argument, or by distinguishing yourself from the group?

And yeah, I was against those acts. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Paultards' rush to buy their cult leader's manifesto in bulk amounts is but another illustration of the old saying that fools and their money are soon parted.

Misanthrope2 said...

Hey, JFC, I too was banned at Huffpo for battling Paultards. I was not abusive but the Paultards filed many complaints against me. I had almost a hundred fans, too. Welcome to an exclusive club.