Saturday, May 10, 2008

Follow-Up on Bill Johnson

New updates on the Bill Johnson scandal. It seems as though Ron Paul was close enough to Johnson to host a fund raiser at his house last September. Admission for the event was completely sold out, at $2,000 a person. Good lord! Someone should submit that story to Digg. Of all the venues where they could have held their fund raiser, it seems that Ron Paul was unlucky enough to host it at the home of a known white supremacist. Whoops! This of course forces the question... exactly how much money did Bill Johnson help raise for Ron Paul?

Right now, the Ron Paulogists are incredibly confused in their response. Some of them are arguing that Bill Johnson is no-true-Ron Paul republican, because unlike Ron Paul, Bill Johnson actually does support the theory of evolution. Others are trying to argue that Bill Johnson is a reformed racist. And finally, another group is trying to argue that they know Bill Johnson, and that Bill Johnson isn't a racist. The Metropolitan News Company has evidence to the contrary:

“Johnson denied speculation that he may be the real man behind the nom de plume James O. Pace. He insisted that the author of the book is a U.S. lawyer who is working out of the country but refused to divulge his real name.
“The privately published, 179-page book identifies Pace as having been educated at Columbia University and Harvard University law schools and as a former member of the Board of Editors of the Harvard International Law Journal.
“The publications director of Harvard Law School, Deborah Gallagher, said the school investigated the claim last year and discovered that the author did attend the law school for one year and was on that journal board. However, she said the school promised not to reveal the person’s real name or what year he attended Harvard. The journal’s 1980 volume shows a William D. Johnson as being on the staff. Records at Columbia University Law School show that a William Daniel Johnson attended there in 1983.
“Daniel Johnson said he did attend Columbia, but he said he never attended Harvard and that his first name is not William.”
The pieces came together, and it was soon clear that the book’s author, and attorney William Daniel Johnson, and the spokesperson for Pace Amendment Advocates were one and the same person.
Meanwhile, Tom Metzger, founder of the "White Aryan Resistance," has recently uploaded a 1980s interview to his Youtube account, where he talks to one of the leading advocates of the Pace Movement, and where the two of them refer to one of Bill Johnson's known aliases as mastermind for the amendment. (About 8 minutes in).

The defense for Bill Johnson parallels the defense for Ron Paul, complete with flaws. In both cases, the men attempt to pin the writings on someone who they are completely unwilling to name. In both cases, the writings entail highly specific personal details about the author which perfectly describe the accused. In both cases, these accusations haven't been so much refuted, so much as denied. "I have met Ron Paul Bill Johnson. I do not believe that Ron Paul Bill Johnson to be a racist. Therefore, the accusations against him are lies." Occasionally, these statements will be peppered with largely irrelevant details. "I'm a minority, and Ron Paul Bill Johnson didn't once spit on my when I met him! Instead, he respectfully accepted my $2,000 donation, just as he would if I had been a white donor."

Despite their supposed love of the constitution, both Ron Paul and Bill Johnson have a common enemy of the 14th Amendment. You may remember that several months ago, Ron Paul actively campaigned on the fact that he would amend the constitution and end birthright
. Bill Johnson states that his views on race are identical to Ron Paul's, which isn't surprising, since they're both fighting for the same thing.


Anonymous said...

I have been doing some investigating on the main Ron Paul face-book group,and have found it difficult for them to even respond to these accusations!

any ideas on how to make them talk?

Anonymous said...

Remember That photo of Ron Paul and Don Black hugging each other?(guy in charge of storm-front and who sent 500 dollar donation)

Well i dont know where the picture took place,but I think The Photo provides enough Visual evidence that paultards always bitch about. This Visual evidence was countered with various claims and so forth,but after this incident that picture is the only thing i can think of.

Furthermore Don Black,and Bill Johnson are more Racist then Ron Paul's Newsletter. Hence Ron Paul has merely gotten more racist over the years.

On a side note That Reo-Con piece that john wrote needs to examined more. Because it points out how Ron Paul has met with crazies in the past,and how crazy his staff is. Hence The Combination of this photo,the Reo-Con Piece,and this recent incident leads me to conclude the following.
1)Ron Paul has a history of reaching out to bigots
2)Ron Paul does this for political purposes
3)Ron Paul's views have gotten more extreme over the years.

The Truth is out there....

Anonymous said...

I voted for Ron Paul....

This is the way the world will end not with a bang,but with a whimper...

I no longer support the Doctor.

God is Dead.

wow i feel not that bad about it,,,whoa.