Monday, May 5, 2008

Ron Paul 2008: Hope for Gattaca

Last week, Congress voted 414-1 on outlawing genetic discrimination. Guess who voted against it?

Some may question Ron Paul's judgment on this matter. But when most of your supporters are white supremacists who believe that their inherently superior Aryan genes are being held back back by genetically inferior black people and Jews, then of course you're going to support the genetic discrimination of minorities. These are the same group of kids who have barely paid any taxes at all in their entire lives, but who are absolutely convinced that they would have had the innate qualities to become millionaires if it wasn't for the evil tax payer funded roads and tax payer funded schools holding them back.

If you have a healthier genome than the average person, then that healthy genome should be reward in itself. Congratulations, you get to live a longer, healthier, and more productive life. In a fair and just society, you do not deserve an additional financial reward on top of that. It's not like th people with cancer prone genes are going to start partying at the idea of painful cancer treatments. Those people are going to be suffering. Why are libertarians so intent on making their suffering even worse? And honestly, even if we could objectively gauge genetic risk, and even if it wasn't morally deplorable to financially punish someone for possessing a genome beyond their control, you still need to deal with the fact that there wouldn't be any standard percentage for profit margins. Some groups would do a better job of arguing for lower rates based on their defects than other groups. And I think we all know who I'm referring to.

Worse yet, by giving insurance companies the ability to discriminate, you pretty much force employers to do the same, because now they have to factor in an employee's potential insurance cost when hiring them. "No sir, I didn't discriminate against the black guy for being black, I discriminated against him for having costly black genes!" Why am I not looking forward to this?

Meanwhile, the Ron Paul Tumblelog managed to dig up this nugget from the Ron Paul forums: "Anytime you see such overwhelming support for a bill you can bet it’s inherently flawed." The guy has a good point, you know. It's the same reason why I reject the theory of gravity.


stefan said...

Do you have any poll or any scientific proof to back up such ridiculous claims that most Ron Paul supporters are white supremacists? Give me a break. You know very well this is a totally false unsubstantiated statement that you are making. Of all the GOP candidates Paul received the most from minorities and also across the political spectrum.

Ron Lawl said...

Bragging about which GOP got the most black votes is like bragging about a Nazi who gets the most Jewish votes. There are so few black republicans to begin with that the ones who do vote republican (and who support Ron Paul) basically represent the outliers.

The fact is, Ron Paul is a lot more popular among white supremacists than he is among black people, and he's done a much better job of catering to the first group as well with his votes and his newsletter writings.

Anonymous said...

It's not our fault African-Americans want free hand-outs from the Government.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are seriously here spreading hate! Distorting the facts and presenting the Good Doctor who has brought life of every race into this world! You really have NO idea what Ron Paul stands for. He voted against it because the government has NO business in legislating morality! Ron Paul is AGAINST discrimination, and he is AGAINST the government meddling in deciding who is decriminated against and how to abitrarily balance the scales. See here is the problem in a nutshell for those of you with a slow learning curve. The correct vote for Ron Paul would have been "Mu", but this is not an option in our broken government. If you do not know what this means then please attend college. You gave Ron Paul a chance to decide if he would prefer a kick in the balls or a punch in the face. Then you ridicule him for choosing a kick in the balls.

Ron Lawl said...

Yeah, I'm going to call bullshit right there. You insist that Ron Paul is against discrimination, and that he's against the legislation of morality. But if he were really against legislating morality, then why would be be drafting legislation like "H.R.7955: A bill to strengthen the American family and promote the virtues of family life"? And if he were really against discrimination, then why would that bill "Prohibits the expenditure of Federal funds to any organization which presents male or female homosexuality as an acceptable alternative life style or which suggest that it can be an acceptable life style" and "Prohibits the Secretary of the Treasury from issuing in final form the "Proposed Revenue Procedure on Private Tax-Exempt Schools", which sets forth guidelines for determining whether a private school has forfeited its tax-exempt status by the adoption of racially discriminatory policies."?

In other words, not only is Ron Paul in favor of legislating morality, and not only does Ron Paul support discrimination, by he also seems to believe that discrimination is, in itself, a moral action.

SJ said...

ron lawl,

great job. These Paultards have no idea what a fucking idiot Ron Paul is. He's just another far right-wing asshole who hates blacks.

SJ said...

Look at that retarded comment by anonymous about African-Americans. They claim to be all about the individual, yet they are the first to always put individuals into groups.