Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ron Paul is Clueless About the 16th Amendment

From Goldfish for Thought:

On January 28th 2003, Ron Paul introduced legislation proposing a Constitutional amendment. This amendment, dubbed the Liberty Amendment, proposes to abolish "personal income, estate, and gift taxes and prohibit the United States Government from engaging in business in competition with its citizens." The Liberty Amendment forbids the Federal government from engaging in any "business, professional, commercial, financial, or industrial enterprise except as specified in the Constitution," and all government activities in violation of the amendment are to be liquidated within three years of ratification (Paul).

Furthermore, it will repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution in an attempt to abolish the income tax. Paul made a statement in the House of Representatives in which he makes several assertions in support of the Liberty Amendment (Paul):

  1. The 16th Amendment enabled Congress to levy a direct income tax on individuals.
  2. Until the passage of the 16th Amendment, the Supreme Court held that Congress had no power to impose an income tax.
  3. The founding fathers realized that "the power to tax is the power to destroy," which is why they did not give the federal government the power to impose an income tax.
  4. America survived and prospered for 140 years without an income tax.
Each claim will be scrutinized in detail; Paul is seriously misrepresenting the intent of the 16th amendment, and proposing changes to the Constitution that would cripple the federal government. The resulting government would likely have even less power than the confederate government established by the Articles of Confederation.
Paultards will often claim that Ron Paul's ability to deliver 4,000 babies makes him a bigger expert on the constitution than the people who actually studied it in school, and who study it for a living. Here's an article that says otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I think Ron Paul does understand what an income tax is. On a side note i found this article to be of high amusement.


Anonymous said...

I thought that article was a major lawl; actually, I believe Ron Paul does know what repealing the 16th Amendment would do and is secretly and deviously hoping for it: It would end up under-taxing wealthy states like Connecticut and over-taxing poor states like Mississippi, and as we all know PRON HAUL is a lifelong friend to this nation's fatcats.

Unknown said...

14th Amendment, 16th Amendment- he treats them all the same. If he doesn't like them, he just says they are unconstitutional. And the Paultards join in the chorus. Few lawyers in that crowd.