Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paultards Pissed At Stephen Colbert, Ron Paul War Room Gets Hacked

According to the Ron Paul Tumblelog, the Ron Paul War Room was recently hacked by people who placed hard core pornography on the website. Some War Room you have there.

Also, in other news, Comedian Colbert of the Colbert Report recently made a joke where he states that the part of the brain that fools the body into thinking that a useless pill was medicine is the same part of the brain that gets people to vote for Ron Paul. For the confused Paultards out there, there analogy is that Ron Paul is a useless pill, even though his devotees seem to think that he can cure the economy. Simply screaming "Ron Paul, R[evol]ution!" is not going to be a cure in itself.

BuddyRey writes:
Yeah, I think he was pretty much calling us delusional.
We just got seriously dissed by one of the only allies we ever had in the media.
I think that your first mistake was assuming that Stephen Colbert was your ally, Buddy.
manny229 writes:
Yeah I saw that too..... I was surprised quite a few of the audience members laughed... I thought we were popular among that young cool and hip crowd?
Once again, Manny, this is a common Paultard fallacy. Not knowing the difference between "Most Ron Paul supporters are young people," and "Most young people support Ron Paul." Also, while most Ron Paul supporters might be young, "cool and hip" they certainly ain't.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who consistently watches the Colbert Report will see that Colbert constantly touts the free market as a force that can do no evil. Colbert's obsessive devotion to this is an obvious clue that Ron Paul is not an ally.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Sanjaya principle: Why Ron Paul can be our next president!!!!


RPT said...

Of course the immediate truther reaction: THE FEDS HAVE INFILTRATED

Anonymous said...

instead of aksing if ron paul wrote the newsletter first ask if they would support the above candidate's comments about arabs. IF they disagree that bring up the newsletter faq.

Anonymous said...

(It was also apparently lost on Walter Williams, who wrote the foreword to DiLorenzo's book. It is shameful that Williams, a black libertarian economist and frequent guest host for Rush Limbaugh, would endorse a book that celebrates John C. Calhoun, who more than anyone in American history made the case for the subjugation of blacks by whites.)

wasent walter willaims someone who Ron Paul considered for vice president. Just another neo-confederate.