Tuesday, July 15, 2008

March of the Paultards: 9/11 was an inside job

I've been meaning to post about the Ron Paul rally for a while, so I'm getting around to posting about it now. Above is a video of Jack McLamb speaking with a megaphone and calling 9/11 an inside job, much to the delight of the Paultards. You ever wonder why people have a tendency to associate Ron Paul with the truthers? Well, this is why. Hey Ron, if you can't even manage your own rallies that are being held in your own honor, then what chance do you have of managing a country full of people who despise you?
Meanwhile, Wonkette has posted numerous photos from the event. I suggest you check it out.


brownpau said...

Glad you enjoyed the video. To clarify, he was on a stage at a podium with a full sound system, not just a megaphone. I couldn't get a clear shot of the stage from where I was standing because of people in front of me, but the audio's clear enough. You should have heard him go on before and after the 9/11 conspiracy part about how the military is marking people's mailboxes with red and blue stickers, and how the Arizona police are actively attempting to dechristianize their ranks. Real paranoid delusional disorder going on with this guy, and the fact that he got more cheers than boos from the crowd seemed pretty telling.