Sunday, June 29, 2008

In surprising news, Paultards can't read

Someone pointed me to an old post from the Ron Paul Forums mocking our previous FAQ on the Rosa Parks medal. The funny thing is how the first poster writes "check this! Stupidity, really to the bone," only to have everyone regurgitate the very same talking points that have been refuted in the FAQ, without ever actually acknowledge the fact that it was addressed in the FAQ. You know, "It was tax payer funded," "Ron Paul pitched in his own money," yadda yadda yadda.

If you're going to mock an article, then it might help to actually read said article before you fall back on your standard talking points. Especially if the entire point of said article is to refute the talking points in questions. Unfortunately, Paultards aren't capable of doing that. Not only do they refuse to accept contradictory viewpoints, which is normal, they instead have to live in an imaginary world where they pretend that contradictory viewpoints don't exist. That theirs is the only viewpoint on Earth, and the only reason why everyone else hasn't adopted it is because they haven't "woken up" yet.

That's one of the reasons why I wrote the Rosa Parks FAQ in the first place. When you bring up an argument to the Paultards on why Ron Paul is a moron, they will twist and turn in an attempt to avoid all rational discussion on facts, evidence, and theory. The fact that they're willing to launch discussion threads about the FAQ while refusing to actually discuss the content of the FAQ hints at their own vulnerability. The don't want to acknowledge the content, because they know that they're weak on that issue. And their weakness on that issue can be exploited.


Anonymous said...

I think Ron Paul was very strong on that issue. He did the right thing. His supporters know it too.

Unfortunately, those who spend inordinate amounts of time to try to bash a person who is well-respected for his candor on foreign affairs and his knowledge of investing and monetary systems and who is a respected doctor, not to mention successful congressman who was re-elected with 70% of the vote, are viewed as the real "Paultards", or, people who 'go retarded' at the mention of Ron Paul's name.

Like liberalism, it's a personality disorder.

Give it up .

WilliamC said...

I love how they repeat the myth that Paul offered to pay himself. He didn't but it is fun to keep the myth going. I posted again over there just so they can keep spinning their weels with that one. Messing with them is so fun. You can say anything and they will believe it if they think it defends their messiah. I am tired of playing with them. I have over three thousand posts over there leading them down every rabbit hole. Now that he is dust, time to come clean.


Anonymous said...

you should post your blog on paultard forums multiple times,and than type up a memo on how stupid comments they made.

The other day i got in a argument on facebook,and for some reason the individual did not think the newsletter was racist.

I dont think paultards have the balls to read the newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Campain for Liberty is pretty easy to troll. Fuck Paultards and Ron Paul.

boo hoo Kent Snyder is Dead,who cares the guy was probably apart of the southern lynch mob.

Ron Lawl said...

Did anyone else notice how the first Paultard to respond to this post basically just said "Well Ron did the right thing" without once explaining WHY it was the right thing, nor refuting any of the arguments against it?

And it's funny how Paultards treat all incumbants as crooks who are the result of the self-perpetuating and corrupt two-party system, but not Ron Paul, who only gets re-elected because he's Jesus.

RPT` said...

I guess Ron Paul's "candor on foreign affairs" is defined as "cozying up to China's communist dictatorship on the issue of Tibetan freedom while simultaneously laughing in the face of massive death and damage after a Burmese cyclone."

"knowledge of investing and monetary systems"

If you call a re-paraphrase of "gold standard" rhetoric from Protocols of the Elders of Zion "knowledge," yeah, I guess.