Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ron Paul campaigner trespasses on public high school

Despite the fact that it's mathematically impossible for Ron Paul to earn the GOP nomination, the douchebaggery among Paultards is still alive and well. HMBeast over at DailyKos reports the following story, about a Paultard Campaign Worker who decided to trespass a local high school with pro-Paul propagandas, urging kids to skip school on April 15th on a so-called "Truth Strike." The Paultard, Joe Baker of Burlington, WI, is also a 9/11 truther. Big surprise! Here's a report of HMBeast's conversation with him:

Me: Sir, not to be rude, but you do realize that you're handing out fliers about the income tax to high school students, students who don't pay the income tax and probably don't care?
Joe Baker: But you will pay the income tax soon! The income tax is unconstitutional (see note below) and fraudulent.
Me: How is the government supposed to pay for things like this school that you're on right now without the taxpayer's money?
Joe Baker: What you'll see if you listen to this series of audiotapes, is that we don't need a government at all.
Me: Good luck with that.

You ever notice how Paultards are completely incapable of forming their own arguments, or recognizing what an argument even is. Instead, it's "google this," and "youtube that." Ironic, considering how they like to boast about how they and they alone are well informed and capable of critical thought, where as everyone else is a sheep. Really, the average Paultard doesn't give a crap about reason or logic. What they're interested in is the general feeling of being convinced. And they hope that if they can point other people to the same video, then the same feeling will be communicated to them as well. But when it comes to breaking down the basic arguments restating those arguments in their own words? That's when they fall short.

Readers may remember our story from last February, when hundreds of anonymous Paultards decided to spam a math teacher's personal livejournal blog, for the high crime of showing actual campaign data regarding Ron Paul. Apparently, showing a real world application of mathematical principles is completely antithetical to the average Paultard. The Paultards responded by maintaining their usual levels of civility; posting the guy's personal information online and tracking his movements.

Some may accuse the Paultards of hypocrisy on this one, but actually, they're pretty consistent. The Paultards aren't against bias in public schools, or using public schools to push an agenda (or lack thereof.). No, the Paultards have an agenda that's deadset against learning itself.


FuckRonPaul said...

"Despite the fact that it's mathematically impossible for Ron Paul to earn the GOP nomination..."

Don't say that, the Paultards might find out and it'll ruin the fun.

Also, I want to get your take on this Paultard's Declaration of Independence, featured on Wonkette. Surely you've got something to say about it...

Bruno said...

If Ron Paul is such a waste of time and a bag of garbage, why do you waste your time every day trying to find negative things to say about him and the people who support him? I mean, seriously, are you getting paid for this? Or, do you normally pinpoint a certain group or following and attack it to death on your free time?

With all due respect, Sir, I fear that you are only feeding the fuel that runs the Ron Paul machine. You consistently fire hateful words at a man who holds a set of beliefs that may or may not be in accordance with yours - is America not a "Free" nation? Is this how you accept change, or the idea of change?

So let me ask you, does your mother still spoon feed you your Gerber? Or did you nail her to the cross when that changed too?

Just as your voice is being heard, please allow others to voice their own opinions without hateful repercussions.

And in any case, if Ron Paul and his "tard" followers have no chance in hell at victory - what is the importance of your blog?

hmm.. I guess I just answered my own question.

Anonymous said...


No one's forcing you to read anything on this site. If you don't like it, go somewhere else.